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    ROCK FOR RESCUE! – HUMANE SOCIETY CONCERT “I”D RATHER BE WITH MY DOG” – February 22 Also featuring performances of “I’d Rather Be With My Cat” “Take Me Home ” “If…

    Interview With A Crossfit Coach

    Interview With A Crossfit Coach Last week I posted my thoughts on Crossfit, and in response to my post, Ryan Graveline made an insightful response to the article and it…

    Tip of the Day

    Tip of the Day The number one thing you must remove from your brain is that carbohydrates are essential to the human body. They are not. In fact, biologically and…

    Troubleshooting Fat Loss

    Troubleshooting Fat Loss For some people, losing fat is very difficult. And for some it’s very easy. This is an obvious statement, so the better question is, what can you…

    Quick Workouts That Work

    Quick Workouts That Work Sometimes you don’t have 45-60 minutes to dedicate to the gym. Hell, sometimes you don’t even have time to make it to the gym at all….

    Pros and Cons of Crossfit

    Pros and Cons of Crossfit I think Crossfit is one of the best things to happen to weightlifting in a long time. It has reshaped the way we look at…

    Interview With The Man

    Interview With The Man I knew Ryan was a serious weight lifter when I saw him snatch grip deadlifting 225 lbs from a deficit with super slow and strict form….

    What Keeps Me Inspired

    What Keeps Me Inspired…in and out of the gym.  With 2014 coming around the corner, I like to ponder about the things that inspire me in and out of the…

    Rapid Fat Loss Part 1

    Rapid Fat Loss Part 1 Have you been overweight your entire life? Do you struggle to keep weight off? This article is for you. I was never skinny and I’m…

    Ball Busting Arm Workout

    Ball Busting Arm Workout This is very challenging. Your arms will feel like they’re going to explode once it’s all said and done. Now before you dive in, remember to…

    Is Paleo Worth It?

    Is Paleo Worth It? Everyone on the L.A. Lakers has gone Paleo. Kobe Bryant claims that by going Paleo he lost 7 lbs in a day. Good for you Kobe….

    7 Foods With Super Powers

    7 Foods With Super Powers It’s no surprise that real food has the power to heal. Mother nature made all of these available for us for a reason. Different cultures…

    My Favorite Tricep Exercises

    My Favorite Tricep Exercises Triceps are my favorite muscle to work out. They’re also my strongest and most developed. They are a unique muscle because all 3 heads of the…

    My Favorite Bicep Exercises

    My Favorite Bicep Exercises 1. Weighted Chin- Ups- nothing overloads the arms like a chin up, and adding weight is all the more extreme. If you want to pack serious size…

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