7 things to do before the Thanksgiving feast.

7 things to do before the Thanksgiving feast.

Tips to lighten the load from all the holiday damage

1. Eat breakfast– for some reason, people think that by skipping breakfast they can eat more later on and lose weight, or have less damage from all the food at the feast, whatever it is, it’s wrong, 100% wrong. Skipping breakfast sets you up for a whole cascade of bad news, but most importantly, if you skip breakfast, you’re essentially guaranteeing that everything you eat at Thanksgiving will all be stored as fat. Check out this blog here to understand the importance of breakfast.

2. Have 10-20 grams of fiber– fiber blunts in the insulin response from a high carbohydrate meal, and you want this because the less insulin you produce and have circulating in your blood after eating, the less damage it will do (both from a fat gain perspective and energy as well) CVS carries a good brand of their own that’s made of Psyllium. Head out now, go get it,  take 10 grams a while before eating, and then another 10 about an hour before.

3. Drink 2-3 cups of green tea– I would advise having 2 cups a few hours before eating, and then a few after. Green tea is loaded with polyphenols and it also helps detoxify the body from all the crap you’ve just taken in.

4. Lift weights– unfortunately a lot of people waste away on treadmills and ellipticals thinking if they burn tons of calories before eating a big meal they are allowing themselves a buffer zone. Unfortunately, the human body just doesn’t work like that. Just because you burned 500 calories running (those machines are incredibly inaccurate by the way) it doesn’t mean you’ll be fine to eat a piece of cake worth 500 calories. Lifting weights ramps up your metabolism and it’s also more metabolically demanding. A very hard lifting routine will require nourishment to begin rebuilding what you’ve torn down from the weights, so tons of food can definitely be a good thing in that manner.

5. Eat your turkey first– I know it’s tempting to start off with the carbs, but if you begin with the protein first, not only is it less likely that you’ll eat too much of the other crap, but the amino acids along with some healthy fat will make your body more sensitive to the giant insulin response.

6. Take fish oil with your meal– take a little bit wrapped in some tissue to wherever your going, bust it out mid meal, and take 2-3 grams. Fish oil is one of the healthiest substances in the world, but in this particular case, it will lower the likelihood that all that sugar will get stored as fat.

7. Enjoy your meal– don’t stress that you’re destroying your hard work, enjoy, reflect, and have fun. The less cortisol (stress hormone) you make while you’re eating, the better your metabolism will work.