2011 Fall Tour Dates! Winnebago Bound!

It has always been a dream of ours to travel across the country and play our rock n’ roll for everyone. This dream has finally come true! We’re going on tour folks! Traveling in a Winnebago, throughout 13 states, 25+ cities, and turning this into a journey of a lifetime. We’re going to film this entire trip, and eventually turn it into a documentary about a rock band on the rise. We’ll be hitting up pockets of this amazing country and spreading our down & dirty nature into wherever we can. We want you and the world to see how we did it and everything that happened!

Here is a (rough) list of all the cities we will be hitting up on our 7 week tour of the country! This is just the starting point folks, we’ll need all the contacts and resources we can to make this as amazing as possible. College/fraternity contacts, bars, clubs, theaters, halls, anything and everything. If you live in these cities or know anyone in these spots, please email doug@dougratner.com or Kent Graham at kent.graham1@gmail.com We’ll have more details coming soon!

Sept 8th- Hartford, CT
Sept 9th- Cornell, NY
Sept 10th- Syracuse, NY
Sept 11th- Erie, PA
Sept 12th & 13th- Cleveland, OH
Sept 14th- Detroit, Michigan
Sept 15th- Ann Arbor, Michigan
Sept 16th – Chicago
Sept 17th- Chicago
Sept 18th- off
Sept 19th- Indianapolis, IN
Sept 20st- Columbus, OH
Sept 21st- Drive/OFF
Sept 22nd- Philadelphia, PA
Sept 23rd + 24th- DC/Baltimore Area
Sept 25th- Off
Sept 26th- Richmond, VA
Sept 27th- Norfolk, VA
Sept 28th- Off
Sept 29th- Raleigh, NC
Sept 30th- Durhamn, NC
Oct 1st- Chapel Hill, NC
Oct 2nd- Off
Oct 3rd- Memphis, TN
Oct 4th +5th- Nashville, TN
Oct 6th – Atlanta, GA
Oct 7th- Tallahassee, FL
Oct 8th- Gainesville, FL
Oct 9th- Jacksonville, FL
Oct 10th- Off
Oct 11th- Atlanta. GA
Oct 12th- Nashville. TN
Oct 13th- Columbia, SC
Oct 14th- Raleigh
Oct 15th- NC, Durham
Oct 16th- OFF
Oct 17th- Norfolk, VA
Oct 18th- Richmond, VA
Oct 19th- DC/Baltimore
Oct 20th- DC/Baltimore
Oct 21st- Philly, PA
Oct 22nd- Philly, PA
Oct 23rd- off
Oct 24th- Pittsburgh, PA
Oct 25th- Columbus, OH
Oct 26th- Indianapolis, IN
Oct 27th- Chicago, IL
Oct 28th- Ann Arbor, MI