7 Hidden Foods That Make You Fat

7 Hidden Foods That Make You Fat

And ruin your health

1. Soy Sauce– people are often shocked that I don’t have soy sauce with my sushi, why? Where to begin….the number one reason is that soy is extremely estrogenic. Meaning, it lowers your testosterone and increases estrogen in the body. Not only will this slow your metabolism down, it will impair insulin sensitivity, and lower your immune system. Soy is also one of the most highly sprayed crops in the world, it’s ridden with pesticides. And let’s not forget the GMO’s. Soy is also one of the most genetically modified foods on the planet. So all environmentally conscious people beware, if you think you’re helping out the world by eating lots of soy…you’re not.

2. Soy Milk- I know a lot of people who put soy milk in their coffee….bad news bears. I listed all the bad things about soy up above, but taking it a step further, the soy milk at your local starbucks is crap. It’s absolute crap. It is literally the waste product of the crops that they don’t use for food items and processing, so they turn it into a liquid. Not only are you making yourself fatter by drinking it, you’re increasing your risk for disease. It is very bad for you. *by the way, the same goes for tofu…if you’re going to eat it, at least get organic, non gmo tofu, because what you’d get in a chinese restaurant is poison.

3. Ketchup– ahhh America’s favorite condiment. Will a little bit sabotage your six pack? Define a little bit. A tiny squirt? No. But who just eats a tiny bit. Ketchup is all sugar. Yes there’s tomatoes in it, but who cares. There’s minerals in poop, are you going to eat it? Seriously, ketchup is mostly high fructose corn syrup, the same crap in soda, and even two tablespoons is enough to make you fat. I know it sounds absurd because it’s not a lot of calories, but if you are learning anything from my blog it’s that calories are an irrelevant factor when it comes to getting fat. Oh and did I not  mention the tomatoes in ketchup are GMO’d and filled with pesticides? And they use crushed up bugs to dye it? Sounds fun, right?

4. Orange Juice- liquid sugar. It’s essentially drinking soda in orange form. It breaks my heart when I see people drinking OJ at breakfast. Not only are you setting yourself up to have zero energy for the rest of the day, your drinking liquid diabetes. Let’s once again thank the American Government into brain washing us that OJ should be included as part of a healthy breakfast. Even one glass will 100% sabotage your efforts.

5. Protein Bars– this was a tough one for me. Before I began doing a lot of research I figured protein bars must be good right? Wrong. They are loaded with sugar, LOW QUALITY PROTEIN, soy, and tons of chemicals. It’s nice to think that the picture of the jacked up bodybuilder eats these on the reg but he most definitely does not.

6. Generic Peanut Butter- I’m talking about skippy, jiffy, those generic brands. Why? Trans-fats. Hydrogenated vegetable oils. The label may say “no trans fats” but it’s lying. How? The FDA set a standard for all food manufacturers that each serving of food can have less than .5 grams of trans fats and the company can say “zero trans-fats” on the label. Meaning, you could be giving your kid a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with 4 servings of peanut butter, which equals 2 grams of trans fats. Multiply that by however much he or she eats a week or month? You’re damaging their health drastically. Buy organic peanut butter with just peanuts and salt. Or better yet, almond butter.

7. Canola oil- a newer addition to the “health food scene” and most often used in restaurants. Do you know what canola oil really is? It’s from the “rape-seed” plant found in Canada, and when manufacturers were thinking of ways to market it, they knew that nobody would buy an oil called RAPE SEED….so they named it after it’s country of origin, Canada, hence CANola oil. Okay but why is it bad? Let’s begin. Almost all generic canola oil that you eat has been heated at a very high temperature for stabilization, and if you know anything about your cooking oils, if they get heated past their given smoke points, they become rancid and they oxidize. So you’re taking in oxidized substances which will damage your cells, break down muscle, and damage your heart. Bad news. It’s also highly GMO’d, and again for you health and environmentally conscious people, think again!



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  • Shuchi Mehta

    Does this mean that Soy may be good for women with PCOS insulin sensitivity & abnormally high testosterone levels (leading to hirsutism – some abnormal hair growth)? As soy increases estrogen reduces testosterone levels & reduces insulin sensitivity it seems like it will be beneficial to PCOS sufferers with the symptoms I”ve mentioned here. What is your opinion on this? Any help is appreciated!

    • Doug Ratner

      That’s such an excellent question. Although this medical condition is beyond my knowledge base, I will say that eating GMO’d soy is never good for anyone. Regardless of your hormonal profile, high T, low E, women or men. In addition, the pesticides are so bad for our health and our hormones it should never be consumed.

      From what I have read on women with abnormal hair growth, this might be an environmental estrogen related issue, such as pollution, chemicals, and yes, even diet. They do make homeopathic remedies to counteract and balance out androgen hormones in men and women, again of which I can not speak matter of factly on. That being said, I would not advise any women to consume soy unless it is fermented or organic…tempeh, misoh, etc. There are also rates of women increasing breast cancer risk from soy consumption, so again, over all, no, soy should not be consumed to solve such a problem. Just my thoughts!