7 Foods With Super Powers

7 Foods With Super Powers

It’s no surprise that real food has the power to heal. Mother nature made all of these available for us for a reason. Different cultures have known that value of food as medicine for thousands of years, and sadly in the past 60+ we have disregarded that concept and relied upon drugs to mask our symptoms. Politics aside, here are some amazing super foods and their super powers.

1. Oysters/Testosterone- these bad boys are loaded with zinc, which in turn means more testosterone. Have you heard someone say that after eating oysters they feel randy and ready to go at it? Now you know why. Other testosterone raising foods are organic butter, grass fed beef/meat, cruciferous veggies, and garlic.

2. Wild Salmon/Treat depression– a large majority of the brain is made up of fat, in particular DHA, which is a type of omega 3 that’s found in FISH OIL. Long term studies have shown that people deficient in omega 3’s have higher rates of depression. This makes sense, because a brain without optimal nutrients can not function to the best of it’s ability. Other options include sardines, herring, mackerel, and anchovies.

3. Sweet potatoes/Help fall asleep- eating starchy carbs will raise your seratonin, which will lower your cortisol and make it easier to fall asleep. I have a sweet potato before I go to bed EVERY night. It’s the common belief that if you eat carbs late at night they’ll get stored as fat. Recent research has shown that’s not always the case. For people with major sleep and stress issues, eating a starchy carb before bed will help them lose fat. Other options include a banana, quinoa, or gluten free oatmeal.

4. Water Cress/Remove pectoral tat (man boobs)- ever wonder why men don’t have breasts and women do? Estrogen. And men who have large concentrations of fat on their pecs are producing WAY too much estrogen. An easy counterbalance to this is to eat watercress. It will detoxify estrogen from your body and halt aromatization. Any cruciferous vegetable will do, but watercress is particularly powerful.

5. Coconut Oil/Fat Loss (blood sugar control)– for once, the media has gotten it right with coconut oil and all of it’s super powers. In terms of fat loss, coconut oil is a powerful insulin sensitizer, meaning it helps your cells taking in glucose and fatty acids so they don’t get stored as fat. Do not fear the fat, nor the calories. This is just mother nature’s way of cramming all those nutrients into a food. Other little fat burning foods are cinnamon, organic butter, and green tea.

6. Coffee/Stable Energy- I’m a coffee fan. I know some people are not. There is lots of research to prove coffee is wonderful for us. And lots of research to say it’s not. Here’s what I’ve learned….it all depends on the quality of the joe, and how you drink it. A large majority of the studies done on coffee and it’s negative side effects were done with crappy coffee. No surprise, because coffee is one of the most highly sprayed crops in the world. And unfortunately it now has high amounts of GMO’s. And if you add sugar or milk to it, you’re putting yourself in harms way. BUT, high quality organic coffee with heavy cream, coconut oil, butter, or black with cinnamon is one of the greatest and most natural sources of energy in the world. It also helps stabilize blood sugar and increase strength and concentration. If you’re trying to cut your coffee consumption down, try drinking an organic blend and see if you notice the difference. I certainly did.

7. Egg Yolks/ Muscle Building- only eating the white is the equivalent of throwing away the gold from your treasure chest and keeping the box. Why do you think they are yellow/orange? Because they’re loaded with vitamins and minerals that are essential for muscle building. Not only is the protein extremely high quality but all the B vitamins, cholene, and fat will give your muscles the extra boost they need to grow. Are you noticing a trend that some of the healthiest foods in the world are also caloric? That’s no coincidence. Mother nature intended it that way because they are so full of everything we need. Eat your freaken yolks.


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