7 Hidden Foods That Are Very Healthy

7 Hidden Foods That Are Very Healthy….

Yesterday’s blog was the most popular one I’ve ever written. I’m thrilled. Not only are people learning a little something, but maybe they’ll make certain changes and improve their health. If you didn’t see it, clink the link below

7 Foods That Are Making You Fat

And without further ado….

1. Butter/Ghee– what? Butter? Blasphemous. How can this be? Easily. First and for most, the only reason people think butter is bad for you is because the government wanted us to think saturated fat was bad for us. Thus, food industries could create margarine, low fat foods etc. Pharmaceutical companies could make “cholesterol” lowering drugs. I’m not making this up. There’s actual evidence and records of the government disregarding the science that says saturated fat is NOT bad for us, there is even video footage of it. It’s mind blowing. Okay, back to butter.

Omega 3’s- yup, those wondrous fatty acids that you hear so much about are found in butter. But let me be clear, the butter needs to be from GRASS FED COWS. You see when a cow eats its natural diet, grass, not grains and whatever else they feed them, it produces a strong, lean, and healthy animal. Thus what we eat from that animal is filled with nutrients.

Vitamin K/ CLA/ Butyric acid- these three power houses have been PROVEN to ward off cancer and tumors in our cells. They also help with weight loss by improving our insulin sensitivity.

Butter also improves our gut floora, acting in a similar way to probiotics. It also has iodine. Both saturated and mono unsaturated fats. It’s a true power house.

If you’re wondering what ghee is…it’s just butter with all the milk solids removed. Or clarified butter. It’s been used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years to treat all sorts of ailments. Now let’s think about that for a minute. If ghee (which is filled with saturated fat) has successfully been used by forms of medicine and healing for thousands of years, and cholesterol lowering prescription drugs do NOT lower your risk of heart disease…I wonder if the government and medical community was wrong about saturated fat…DUH.

*oh, the same goes for cheese, but again, it’s gotta be organic and grass fed in order to have all of these wonderful nutrients.

2. Grass fed beef– you hear all about it, why it is so much better? Pretty much for the same exact reasons that butter is. Omega 3’s, CLA, all B vitamins, and let’s not forget protein. Now let’s get one thing straight, generic beef is not “bad for you” in the sense where it will make you fat. Something that is just protein and fat does not stimulate fat storing hormones. However, low quality beef is exactly that, low quality. From a spiritual and humane perspective, eating from an animal that has been tended to in a proper, ethical, and healthy way will thus yield healthier food. And if you believe in energy passing between two forms, you are taking in positive energy from this animal. Vegetarians and vegans are probably screaming at me, I’m sorry. I 100% respect your decision to lead a life like this, I find it very admirable and rewarding as long as your educated enough to make the right choices to keep you healthy. Please fulfill your life in anyway, but I will continue to eat meat that has been treated properly.

3. Olives– random right? Olives are actually a fruit and extremely good for you. But let me be clear, black olives from a can are not real olives, they’re crap. Real olives are loaded with nutrients, mono unsaturated fat, and most real olives are fermented. Fermented foods are extremely good for us and vital to a healthy gut.

4. Purple/green cabbage– this one always shocks people. When you think of cabbage you don’t think of it as a health food let alone a SUPER FOOD. Cabbage is part of the same vegetable family as broccoli and kale…cruciferous. Red cabbage is high in anthocyanins, a powerful anti-oxidant that is found in anything purple or dark red (blueberries, eggplant, etc) Green cabbage is just as healthy as it’s sister. Cabbage is also very good at cleaning out toxins from our body, a compound known as Indole 3 carbinol does this little job. So if you can put two and two together, you’ll notice that because cabbage removes toxins and estrogen from our body, it also RAISES OUR TESTOSTERONE. Fascinating. Mother nature works in amazing ways folks. I’ll never forget eating cabbage and offering it to a friend, and she responded that her menstruation cycles were a bit out of whack and her doctor advised her not to eat cabbage because of it’s effects on estrogen and testosterone. I couldn’t believe her doctor actually knew this.

5. Beets- Dwight Schrute lovers rejoice. I LOVE beets. And I love Dwight. So it’s a win win….They’re one of my favorite vegetables.Why are they so healthy? Well, remember they’re purple so they have that amazing anti-oxidant known as anthocyanins. But they’re also very cleansing. If you ever feel under the weather or are really hung over, beets or beet juice can help clean your system out. They also have a fair amount of fiber and can help get your bowels moving if constipated.

6. Apple Cider Vinegar– another random item that you’d never think of as a health food. Vinegar in general is particularly healthy. The fermentation process of apple cider vinegar happens to make it extra awesome for both cleansing the body, and lowering the glycemic impact of food. If you were having a salad with potatoes in, and you added some apple cider vinegar to it, you would be lowering the insulin load of the carbs. Thus, lowering the likelihood of the potatoes getting stored as fat. It’s also a useful homeopathic remedy for digestion and diarrhea. Sorry to get so REAL on you. But it’s powerful stuff. Sometimes I’ll just take a swig of it if I’m feeling nausea.

7. Cinnamon– I always put cinnamon in my coffee. Why? It helps control blood sugar. It has fiber. It provides anti-oxidants. And it’s good for our joints. It also helps with fat loss and improving fatty acid storage in our body. It’s unbelievable that this little cooking spice can pack such a wallop but it’s amazing. Just sprinkle a little bit in your coffee and you’re doing wonders for yourself.

*I didn’t mention a lot of foods in this list, but I wanted to talk about the most obscure, random, and confrontational items. I hope you enjoyed it! Feel free to share the post!