A Great Review of the Album by Joel Simches in The Noise!


Eye To Eye 10-song CD

Okay, so you get home from a long day and smoke a badass bong and you read a story about Matthew Sweet and Marshal Crenshaw teaming up to write and produce an new album for Social Distortion, with guest appearances by members of the Posies, the original Yardbirds, the Nerves, Peter Case, Low Barlow, and maybe even Julian Cope, in a rare cameo. Then you wake up and realize that you’ve actually been listening to this full-length by Doug Ratner. Nowadays most bands who go by some person’s name are usually singer-songwriter projects more in the vein of Jack Johnson and John Mayer than the Who or the Ramones. This album is full of surprises. It attempts a bold array of garage/power pop/classic rock with loads of harmonies, psychedelic mind twists and dirty bar rock. It’s the El Rey and CBGB simultaneously smashed together onto an Andy Warhol canvas. This is an impressive piece of plastic. (Joel Simches)

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