Alcohol. The good and the bad.

Alcohol. The good and the bad.

Let’s get real, being drunk has no health benefits. Excessive drinking has no health benefits. However, psychologically, socially, etc. getting your sip on is definitely a way to relieve stress, celebrate, and “intensify” your experience with those you love. I had plenty to drink these past few days, not over board, but enough to feel good.

I’m going to break down the facts, and split things into 3 categories; beer, wine, and liquor.

Beer– beer is the worst choice out of all the things you could drink. Why? Read on.

1. High in carbs- drinking lots of beer is essentially pouring sugar down your throat. Some people think because it’s made from wheat, barley, or other grains that it’s complex…think again folks, it’s not. Your body just breaks down all that sugar and stores it as fat…or worse. *Drinking light beer is obviously less carbs, so in this instance it’s a better choice.

2. Gluten- whether or not you have a sensitivity to gluten, it’s bad for you, plain and simple. It’s highly inflammatory, disrupts your gut, and reeks havoc on your joints.

3. Estrogenic- yes men, you read correctly. Hops are extremely estrogenic, meaning they suppress your testosterone and increase estrogen production in your body. Beer gut, man boobs, etc. these are signs of high estrogen in the body, particularly low zinc and magnesium, which of course gets depleted by heavy drinking.

4. GMO’s- thank god information is coming to light on genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) because they will harm your health in terrible ways. What are they? Without getting too specific, corporations found ways to genetically modify ingredients in certain crops like corn, soy, etc. to increase a greater yield, less break down of the crops, and have stronger strains of the crop itself. It’s DNA tampering because let’s not forget, crops are a species of mother nature and when you start messing with her, you really mess yourself up.

Wine–  *red beats white, not only does it have less sugar, but it’s higher in anti oxidants. the healthiest choice out of all alcoholic beverages. That doesn’t mean you should get buck wild with it on a daily basis, but a glass of red wine at night definitely has a multitude of health benefits.

1. Rich in anti-oxidants- particularly resveratrol, which has been shown to slow down aging, increase insulin sensitivity, and help detoxify estrogen from your body.

2. It’s anti-bacterial- I’m not saying if you’re sick to drink a bottle of red wine, but it has anti-bacterial properties that can help keep your immune system up.

3. Helps lower blood sugar- now this is case dependent, if you’re a diabetic you shouldn’t be drinking wine, but if you’re having a high carb meal, a glass of red wine can help your body metabolize the sugar and not store it as fat.

Liquor– the middle man. Generally liquor has low to zero carbs, the only draw back of liquor is that it tends to be tough to drink without a mixer, which is often loaded with sugar. So people have 9 jack and cokes, which of course is like pouring poison down your system.

1. Drink on the rocks- I drink Jameson on the rocks. There’s no carbs, no crap, just the high quality alcohol running through my veins.

2. Adding soda or juice?- If you add soda or juice to your liquor, you’ve jumped its “bad” rating almost beyond beer. Forget the calories, the destruction you place on your body from the soda, or the pineapple juice, its all so terrible for you. And don’t think the juice you’re getting is some high quality organic dark cranberry juice, guess again, it’s probably high fructose corn syrup laden and will most undoubtedly pack the pounds on and impede any progress you’re trying to make in the gym.


I’ll post some special things to do in order to reduce being hung over, along with ways to negate the effects of alcohol on your system. Either way, enjoy your life, you have to live once and a while, but don’t over do it to the point that all your hard work is destroyed. In my opinion, it’s just not worth it.