Another Awesome Review in the Valley Advocate!

Doug Ratner and The Watchmen
Eye to Eye

This Western Mass. band shows a lot of promising creativity; the songs on Eye to Eye are catchy, with solid lyrics, melodies and cadences, and the beats are on the mark. Combined with the production, these compositions feel more like 1975 than 2010, though there are some nice guitar arpeggios woven throughout that likely were absorbed somewhere between U2 and Radiohead. Some songs are more rock (“Red Head”) and some more countrified or Dead/CSNY-flavored (“Dust Part 2,” “Alone Again”), but they’re all well-executed and pleasing to the ear. If there’s anything missing in the mix, it’s a really well thought-out complementary bass part—maybe because two different players are credited on the CD. The whole effort would be well served by more sensitive work on the bottom end, more motion without noodling. Best tune: “Melatonin.”  —Tom Sturm