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April 03, 2012


Lessons Well Learned

  • Bomb In The Backseat
  • Money
  • Ghost in the Mirror
  • Do You Remember?
  • Take Me Home

Lessons Well Learned is a concept EP that focuses on certain issues that needed illumination in today's society. Issues like bullying, technological dependance, teen suicide, greed, and gender roles. By infusing elements of rock, punk, country, and blues, the band has boldly brought a powerful statement to the musical realm. Bomb in the Backseat is a bottle rocket of an opener, quickly telling the listener that the band does not care if they tread thin ice with a taboo subject matter. The tune is so catchy that you will be singing along by the end of the first chorus, and be forced to play it over and over again. The Pink Floyd cover showcases the bands ability to take a unique spin on a classic. Nothing like the original, yet maintaining key points, Mone truly rocks. Ghost in the Mirror is a song that connects wit Bomb in the Backseat. Both songs contain the same character, however Ghost tells the story of how the individual turned into a deranged psychopath. Focusing on bullying, depression, and isolation, the sad lyrics will bring the listener to the realization that we live in a scary and dark world, and those who need help truly must get it. Do You Remember? is the more uplifting point in the album, calling upon CCR/Rolling Stones rockabilly influences. This song tells the story of a young girl trying to find her way in the world, while maintaining the lessons that her mother taught her as a young girl. The last track, Take Me Home may not be the deepest, but certainly fun and entertaining. With a blazing guitar solo and catchy hook, it seemed an appropriate way to close out the EP. This is rock n' roll at its finest moment. Fresh, raw, and taboo. Whether or not you agree with some of the statements made within these songs, you will appreciate them nonetheless.

  • Dan Smith

    Money cover is fantastic, takes the old cover to the next level with harder edged guitar riffs== maybe a sax solo would add some spice