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August 15, 2013


Run With Me

  • If You Wanna
  • Let's Roll
  • Dogs
  • Nowhere To Hide
  • American Dream
  • Let Her Rip
  • Today's The Day
  • Red Jeans
  • Piece Of Mind
  • That's That
  • Everyone Back Home
  • There Will Be A Day

With their second album, Doug Ratner & The Watchmen double down on the highway riffs and backyard barbecue hooks that distinguished 2009’s self-released debut, Eye to Eye. Doug Ratner returns with a new lineup (Rob Morales on bass, Jimmy Farquhar on drums) and a fresh helping of country-fried rock n’ roll. The anti-establishment blues have rarely sounded so sunny as they do on anthemic lead single, “If You Wanna.” The Watchmen declare their intentions: “So if you wanna rock n’ roll, run with me. And if you wanna feel the road, then take a seat. And if you wanna find answers, to questions you seek, I said, girl, roll with me.” They deliver on that promise across a dozen bittersweet alt-rockers (“Nowhere to Hide”, “American Dream”), cowpunk stompers (“Let’s Roll”, “Red Jeans”) and Stones-circa-Exile dust-kickers (“Let Her Rip”, “Everyone Back Home”). Engineering by Justin Pizzoferatto (Sonic Youth, Dinosaur, Jr.) and production by Ben Jon.

  • THIS ALBUM IS AWESOME!!!! Hands down my favorite of their 3. It’s got it all. Fun tracks and catchy choruses like “If You Wanna,” “Dogs,” and “Nowhere To Hide.” Serious tracks where the lyrics really go deep and make you think like on “American Dream” and “There Will Be A Day.” And everything in between is just great Rock n’ Roll! The best part of the album for me was having guitar solo after guitar solo melt my face off. No joke. The solos are all over the place and AMAZING! Definitely worth buying!