Awesome Review of the Spin Doctors gig!

BlueBird Reviews was originally sent to Pearl St. to review the Spin Doctors show, but was pleasantly surprised to hear a raucous rock n’ roll band take the stage before hand. Here’s are a couple snippets from the review, and check out the whole thing HERE

The Watchmen cite The Who, Pearl Jam, CCR, The Police, The Allman Brothers, Green Day, Neil Young, Tom Petty, and Guns and Roses as their influences. This was a ‘first listen live’ experience for me, although I have heard their music in videos and seen their name around the web. The set started with ‘Take Me Home,” and Ratner caught a moment to warmly address the crowd, inviting them to the edges of the stage, “Come over and rock out, this is not a museum where you see things on display …”

They blasted into “Piece of Mind” with blistering guitar riffs teaming up in duos. The bass and lead along with Ratner’s vocals and guitar work come together with all out punch. Literally paying tribute to a ‘famous rock and roll band,’ that inspired them to create music, Pink Floyd’s “Money,” blared louder than you can imagine Roger Waters can think. “Austin, we love you!” is bellowed from the crowd, while Ratner sweeps his mythical-Robert Plant-like hair into a pony tail and dawns boldly some pink risky business sunglasses

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