Ball Busting Arm Workout

Ball Busting Arm Workout

This is very challenging. Your arms will feel like they’re going to explode once it’s all said and done. Now before you dive in, remember to follow the rest intervals and tempos exactly. If you don’t, you’ll burn out and not be able to finish. Remember, when you see this 4×4 that means 4 sets of 4 reps. And when you see this 4100 that means lower yourself in 4 seconds, pause at the bottom, come up, no pause at the top.

A1. Weighted Close Grip Chin Ups- 4×4 (4001) no rest

A2. Standing Barbell Curl- 4×10 (3100) no rest

A3. Seated hammer curls- 4×15 (2000) rest 2 minutes. Repeat the A circuit.

Rest 3 minutes before moving on to the B’s.

B1. Weighted Dips (stay upright) 4×4 (5000) no rest

B2. Lying Reverse Grip Skull Crushers 4×8 (3100) no rest

B3. Diamond Push Ups- 4×15 (2100) rest 2 minutes. Repeat the B circuit.

The beauty of this workout is it targets all the different heads of the tri’s and bi’s. You also activate the fast twitch muscle fibers by going heavy and doing the chins and dips. I would strongly advise going lighter on the A2’s/ B2’s and A3’s/B3’s.