I hope everyone that’s reading this already ate some sort of breakfast or is currently chewing your food. Why? Because skipping breakfast is a dumb idea. And not only is it a dumb idea, but eating the WRONG breakfast will set your day up for disaster.

Ever wonder why your energy crashes 2 or 3 hours after eating? Even if you do have your coffee?

Ever wonder why you can’t concentrate properly at work or at school?

Chances are what you’re putting into your body is not providing you with the proper tools to function optimally. Here are top tips for breakfast and ensuring optimal energy throughout the day and not to mention looking lean and mean.

1. Always eat a high protein and moderate fat dominant meal when you wake up. This means eggs, fish, chicken, bacon, sausage, etc. Protein provides us with the amino acids our muscles need, and assuming you just slept 6-8 hours, your body was just fasting and it needs those aminos to begin the process of energizing the body. The fatty acids from the fat (not the same thing) will also provide our cells with proper energy function and help with the key neurotransmitters that send certain “feel good” messages we need to take on the day.

2. Do not eat sugar/high glycemic carbs at breakfast. The government and corporate America has done a fabulous job of convincing Americans we need cereal (sugar and carbs) at breakfast. Well, guess again because it’s the last thing we need. I know we’re convinced that carbs are our source of energy and its a good jolt in the morning. Ok, sure it’s a good jolt for 23 minutes, and then you’ll crash, be hungry again, crave more sugar, and continue the cycle. Not to mention you will store every bite of that sugar as fat, all energy issues aside, so if you want to get fatter AND have no energy, absolutely eat cereal, milk, bread, etc!

3. Don’t look at breakfast as “breakfast” because it’s just another meal. When did it become necessary to eat oatmeal, cereal, and fruit at breakfast? You guessed it! With companies like General Mills, Post, Kellogs convincing us we need grains as part of our diet. For thousands of years, human beings ate MEAT for breakfast, do you think they had boxes of Lucky Charms? If you normally have a salad with grilled steak on it for lunch, why not try it for breakfast? You psychologically might not be able to eat this at first, but your body most assuredly will thank you for providing it with the fuel it needs.

Tomorrow Ill give you my top list of breakfast options but this is a start to get your day on track.