Bruce Springsteen is the greatest.

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Where do you see yourself in 20 years? or Who do you model your music career after?

Really, that’s the easiest question in the world: Bruce Springsteen. I can’t think of any artist who has had such an amazing career. Bruce is 110% dedicated to his music, his fans, and the idea of rock n’ roll. This is a guy who has made album after album, hit song after hit song, and he’s always finding a way to capture the youthful intensity of rock n’ roll, no matter how old he may get. And his live performances? Nobody puts on a better live show than Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band. This guy is 62 years old and he runs around like he’s 20, with more energy than most bands could ever dream of having.

Bruce never compromises, for anything! It’s that unwillingness to give in to the bullshit of the entertainment industry that is my greatest admiration for the man and his music. Every decision, action, and word he says is with careful thought and intent to truly represent his music. Any success I will ever have as an artist is just a failed attempt to be as great as Bruce Springsteen.