Career Day at West Springfield High

Today I was given an amazing opportunity to talk to freshmen and sophomores at West Springfield High about what it’s like being a musician. I talked to 4 different groups of kids and each was inspiring and insightful in so many ways. First off,  I had all the kids say who their favorite bands or artists were (no surprise, most of the bands they mentioned have been around for 10 years!). I told them about my journey as a musician from 8 years old until now (25) and why after all of these years I still love what I do and I’m 100% committed to making a difference in this world with my music.

We talked about negativity and how to do deal with people who doubt you or say that you’re crazy for reaching so big! I told them that if the greatest rockers of all time listened to the haters than we would have an extremely boring world. We also talked about dealing with parents who don’t support a musical path. I tried to give them advice that if you can show your parents that your passion is both spiritually rewarding and yielding some success, they might be more inclined to take you seriously. I suggested having them come see you live and see the reaction from the crowd. Or post a song on YOUTUBE and show them how many views you get. Get your parents involved in a way that they can understand, because no person is alike and we all need convincing in peculiar ways.

I tried to drive home the importance of expression and connection. Part of the reason I love my life is the fans. Connecting with people through my songs, performances, or even the clothes I wear, everything has a meaning and a purpose. They really seemed to understand this and the reason we all love music is because it’s always there for us and it guides us through the toughest of times.

Overall it was an amazing experience, they even got to hear some new songs. OH, and the teacher was awesome too!