Chasing your dreams against mom and dads wishes.

Fighting with mom and dad can really suck. Sometimes you don’t care if they support any of your decisions, and sometimes all you want is an “okay” and “you’re doing the right thing.”

When it comes to chasing your dreams or discovering who you are , the only thing that matters is YOU. If you like purple hair because it’s who you are, you don’t have to worry if mom or dad like it. If you like AC/DC and want to dress in plaid shorts, who cares if dad likes Little River Band and can’t stand Rock n’ Roll.

I remember writing “Arise” sitting on my couch, frustrated, because I wasn’t feeling the support that I wanted from a certain group of people. I wondered, “what is really expected of me?” or “how do you define success?” A lot of these questions I still don’t know the true answer to, but that’s part of the journey. What’s important is that you’re confident and truly passionate about your dreams. Nothing can stop you but yourself.

Check out an acoustic version of “Arise” below,