Connected to the Universe

“You’re connected to the universe” John Schultz

My buddy John said this to me when we were discussing recent happenings in our lives and I mentioned that lately random connections have been emerging out of nowhere and he responded with that quote up above.

When he said that, I kind of didn’t know what to think. John’s not a very cryptic guy, though he is full of infinite wisdom and insight, I really had to think about this one. So forgive me if I start ranting, it’s my blog anyway!

I’ve found that life is richer the more connections I make with people. They can be surface level or deep, it doesn’t matter. I find excitement, wonder, and encouragement when I network. Perhaps that’s why I love music and performing so much, it’s such a powerful way to become “one” with your fans. The energy that you feed off of at a show or even talking to them about music is amazing.

And it got me thinking that the more I connect with people, the more at peace I feel and the easier it is to travel upon life’s highway. Maybe that’s what John meant when I told him that things were going so well he said that I’m connected to the universe.

How can this apply to you? Easily. No matter what industry you’re in, meet people. Network. Connect. Whatever you want to call it. I suppose there’s nothing wrong with alone time, I enjoy it myself, but if you find that life is lacking fulfillment or your career is stalling, go out of your comfort zone to connect with people. The easiest way to do this is to ask THEM QUESTIONS. Focus on them and what they love. You will be surprised the insight you’ll gain into this world when you can start understanding things from other people’s perspectives.

I’m not apologizing for this little rant, cuz I’m feeling good!