Do calories matter?

Do calories matter?


Calories are merely a measure of the amount of energy that food has. Salmon has more calories than gummy bears. Which one do you think will make you fat?

After yesterday’s article, How To Get A Fast Metabolism, I had lots of people asking me about calories. So I thought I’d set the record straight…..

As many of you learned from yesterday’s article, all fat metabolism is regulated by insulin. Insulin sensitivity, insulin resistance, these are issues one must deal with when trying to efficiently burn fat in the body. But of course the common question that people always ask is;

“How many calories should I eat a day?” or “This meal has so many calories, it’s bad right?”

This way of thinking is pointless. The human body does not have a team of scientists waiting for you to reach 2,500 calories and then once you hit that magic number, ALL OF A SUDDEN everything you eat gets stored as fat. Think about how dumb that is for a minute. Where did this arbitrary number come from? How is it determined? What if you had sex that day and burned a lot more calories? Does the human body immediately go, “I had sex today, I can allot myself 167 more calories and be cool.” Absolutely not. It’s all regulated by hormones. Let me get one thing straight, if you count calories and lose weight, or you count calories and have success with that, more power to you! Keep it up! But for folks who always fail miserably with calorie counting, like I always did in the past, you’ll see that this works for you.

What does matter?

Macronutrients matter. Protein, fat, and carbs. It does matter where your calories come from, but the total number of them is a meaningless measurement that doesn’t tell you anything.

It’s fine to count your number of GRAMS of a macronutrient. 200 grams of protein. 50-75 grams of carbs. 100 grams of fat, etc. That is fine, especially if you’re not carb tolerant and you know you can’t have more than 75 g of carbs a day to lose weight.

You see, every person has a set number of carbs that they can eat a day before their cells eventually will go “no more insulin, go away”. For some people this is 50 grams, for some people this is 5,000 grams.

Of course, diets are highly individual. I eat a high protein, moderate fat, moderate carb diet. But that’s because I’m the leanest I’ve ever been. 3 years ago when my body fat wasn’t this low, the amount of carbs I’m eating now would have made me fat. My friend Dan has the fastest metabolism I’ve ever seen. He can eat a high protein, very high carb, diet and be fine. But the point is, counting your calories is a waste of time. What matters is where the calories come from.

Caloric Foods

Egg yolks, rib eyes, nuts, cheese, all of these foods are loaded with calories. Yet, they all have been proven to help with fat loss? How is that possible if they all have so much ENERGY in them? Because they help your cells respond to insulin better. The fact that they have a lot of calories is pointless. They are dense with nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids, all of which help our bodies function better and burn fat more efficiently.

What does this all mean for you?

If you’ve been struggling to lose weight for quite some time, you’ve tried every diet in the world, and things just won’t work. I would advise eating as much meat, fish, nuts, vegetables, cheese, etc. as you want. Limit your carbs to vegetables. Do not count calories, don’t even worry about it. Try this for two weeks and see if it works. It’s never failed for anyone that I know.