Doug’s Dogs- Apollo



Doug’s Dogs- Apollo

Due to the overwhelming number of submissions for the videos we’ve been doing, it’s been impossible to fit all the precious pups in there! But I’m such a softy and I think every dogs story needs to be heard, so I’m going to continue featuring the dogs that didn’t get to shine in the video. Next on the list is Apollo!

What is Apollo’s story?

Apollo was my first foster when I volunteered to help Adopt a Boxer. He was urgent.  He was on the euthanasia list in Philly and had until 4:00 that afternoon.  I don’t usually go back on the computer during the day, but this day I did. At lunchtime, I took a break from my barn chores and checked e mails.  There was Apollo.  I called the rescue and said I would take him.  The woman in charge told me he was in poor health, and would understand if I didn’t want him.  I told her to bring him to me.  The next day was Saturday, and by late morning the car carrying Apollo pulled into the farm.  The people from the rescue told me again, that they would understand if I decided not to take him.  He was reported to be at least 10 years old, very arthritic, open skin sores, and did not look very friendly.  He had been tied outside in Philadelphia for most of his life, and had callouses on his elbows and hocks to prove it.  I told them that if we could give him 3 months of happiness, it would be worth it.  He was so shut down that he wouldn’t make eye contact for the first 3 weeks.  He looked at every new person, as if he was waiting for his owners to come for him. Finally, one day I saw his little stubby tail give a half hearted wag.  I knew he would come around.  I saw improvement every day from that day on. He began to make eye contact, and soon the light in his eyes returned.  With some cold laser treatments and some herbal support, he began to walk better and even climb stairs. His skin improved with the proper diet and soon he was running around the farm.  That was 2 years ago, and Apollo has become an important member of our family.  He shares the house with his border collie sister, Little Pea, and his boxer brother, Moose as well as several fosters.  His personality has come through in a big way and we can’t imagine life without him. He can be ornery, demanding, funny and always loving.

What are some of his quirks?
He thinks he is in charge of everything on this farm. Every morning, he must go down to the barn with us.  He takes his tour and checks on all the animals. He then supervises feeding of horses, dogs and cats.  When he feels that everything is in order, he goes back to the house for his mid morning nap.  Nothing should disturb his morning ritual or nothing is right in his kingdom.
What are some of his nicknames?
His nickname was given to him by my best friend.  She has always called him “The King of the Boxers” because of his attitude.
How has he improved your life?
He has enriched our lives by showing us what love can accomplish.  Here is a throw away dog, who’s family disposed of him when he got old.  He has come back to give us years of love and companionship.  He looks 100% better and younger now, than when we first met him.  With a little care, he has a new life.  I often wonder if his old family would be surprised to see him now, or if they would even care at all.  Do they ever wonder what happened to him?  Their loss is definitely our gain.
What’s your favorite line from “Dogs”?
I have often said that I like dogs better than most people, so definitely, “I like my dog, better than you”.  No contest.
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