Doug’s Dogs- Katie

Doug’s Dogs- Katie

Due to the overwhelming number ofof submissions for the videos we’ve been doing, it’s been impossible to fit all the precious pups in there! But I’m such a softy and I think every dogs story needs to be heard, so I’m going to continue featuring the dogs that didn’t get to shine in the video. Next on the list is Katie and her mom Lynnie!


Can you share Katie’s story?

Katie was found in the marshes outside Charleston, SC in late summer 1990 by a gal who does wildlife rescue.  She was about 3 months old, covered in ant bites, skinny as a rail, malnourished and dehydrated.   She was brought in to town and fostered by a kind lady named English who owned 3 other dogs.  English wanted to keep her, but she knew that 3 was enough for their family.  So while she was nursing Katie back to health, she would bring her to her shop in downtown Charleston in hopes of finding the right home for her.   Meanwhile, two hours away in Columbia, I had just purchased my first home, and as a life-time dog lover, knew that I really wanted a dog of my own, and I really wanted to adopt a rescue.  But I also knew that I couldn’t go to the shelter and pick just one, so my sister gladly agreed to do the choosing for me.  The next day, she went to Charleston to visit friends and just so happened to go in English’s shop where she saw Katie.  After hearing her story, and hearing English describe the home that she wanted for Katie (someone who sees dogs as part of the family, not just a pet), my sister knew that Katie and I were meant to be together.  After the toughest interview I’ve ever had, English agreed to let me adopt Katie, and one week later, I went to Charleston to pick her up.  That night we went to an oyster roast together, and we’ve been the best of buddies ever since.

What are some of her quirks?

She will not push open any door or gate to get through.   She hates having her picture taken.  When in the car with me, she likes to be in the passenger’s seat in the city, but napping in the back on the highway.  Cats make her crazy.  And when she wags her tail, it spins like a helicopter!

What are some of her nicknames?

Too many to list!  But a few of the most commonly used = Kate Kate, KK, Katie Boo, KayBee, Kay Pay, BooBoo, Lovebug, Lady TipToe, Doodlebug

How has she improved your life? 

In every way possible.  I’m single/no kids, and Katie has been my constant companion for 13 years.  She gives me true unconditional love, and has been a source of companionship, support, and laughter.  She has taught me patience, forgiveness, and the pleasure of just relaxing in the sunshine, and the joy of living in the moment.  She has been with me through loss, layoffs, heartbreaks, and joys.  Some may think I rescued her, but I know that it is she who rescued me.

What’s your favorite line from Dogs?

Hard to choose just one, but I think the one about “I’d rather be with my dog” is so true in so many situations.

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