Doug’s Dogs-Millie



Doug’s Dogs-Millie

Due to the overwhelming number ofof submissions for the videos we’ve been doing, it’s been impossible to fit all the precious pups in there! But I’m such a softy and I think every dogs story needs to be heard, so I’m going to continue featuring the dogs that didn’t get to shine in the video. Next on the list is Millie!

What’s Millie’s story?

Millie came through French Bulldog Rescue Network when her breeder just got overwhelmed and was having some personal troubles that made it impossible to care for the dogs. Millie had spent a little too much time crated prior to her rescue, so she has a little bit of difficulty being crated or being alone.  Actually, because of that I have kept my canine household at 3, so that if one of the dogs has to leave to go to the vet or what have you, Millie still has a friend with her.  Such a hardship, ‘having’ to have 3 Frenchies!!  Anyway, while visiting a friend who was fostering her (and would have been happy to keep her, I’ve no doubt!)  Millie jumped up on my lap and chose us (my husband and two Frenchies)to be her new people.  She joined us when she was about 2.5/3 years old and has been the little clown queen of our lives ever since!  She’s 11 now. Millie is the reason I joined FBRN. It’s not an exaggeration to say she changed my life: I have been active in rescue ever since and have recently taken training in canine massage (Millie has some arthritis and massage helps a lot) and am starting a business in that and Reiki for dogs.

What are some of her quirks?
Millie is a tireless fundraiser, presiding over the FBRN Kissing Booth that we take to a variety of community events in our area and raising money one dollar and one kiss at a time.   When she was younger she would want to give and receive kisses all day long, even trotting off after someone when we were taking the booth down if they dared to walk past without acknowledging her.  People ask for her by name, but at 11 she doesn’t have quite the stamina she used to, so she puts in shorter appearances now.
What are some of her nick names?
Oh gosh, nicknames…  Millie, Milmers, Milena, Milena Mirabella (when she’s naughty), Mugsy, Mugglewump.
What’s your favorite line from Dogs?
I have a little song/chant I made up for her and she LOVES it when I croon it to her, and knows when I stop, at which point she’ll wander away, often farting as she goes, because farting is a Frenchie comment on life.
I love all of  ‘Dogs’ song but my very favorite part is the guitar break 🙂








  • Kathy Dannel Vitcak

    What a fun read! Enjoyed reading Kathi’s perspective. Hey, lots of of lose a little stamina as we get older…not ME, of course.

    • Doug Ratner

      Thanks Kathy!!!! That rock n’ roll and doggy loving keeps you energized, right Kathy?