Doug’s Dogs- Roxy


Doug’s Dogs- Roxy

Due to the overwhelming number of submissions for the videos we’ve been doing, it’s been impossible to fit all the precious pups in there! But I’m such a softy and I think every dogs story needs to be heard, so I’m going to continue featuring the dogs that didn’t get to shine in the video. Next on the list is Roxy!

*This “Doug’s Dogs” is a special one, Roxy is no longer with us and this is a tribute to her.

Can you share Roxy’s story?

Roxy was picked up by Gwinnett Co., (GA) animal control as a stray.  She had been featured on Helping Animals at Gwinnett County Animal Control’s Facebook page.  They are not a rescue, just all volunteer group who tries to facilitate getting the animals out of the shelter.  The pictures of Roxy were SO pitiful.  She was one of those cases everyone gets behind.  The comments on her thread were endless.  Several people made pledges of donations.  The director of animal control put a “Do not euthanize order” on her and waived her adoption fee , which was unheard of in this shelter.  But she was big and old and appeared to be in bad health, so there were no takers.  I was currently dogless, my foster having found a wonderful home.  I went to see Roxy and knew immediately I had to get her out of the shelter.  At first I agreed to just take her until we could find someone to adopt her.  But after I got her vetted, we discovered she had a tumor on her hindquarters that was most likely cancer.  At that point I knew I had to keep her.  Due to her age and health, I decided not to do anything invasive with the tumor & it never did cause a problem.  She had severe arthritis so I immediately began treating her with arthritis meds, pain meds, supplements.  My vet gave her acupuncture treatments out of her home because she could do it cheaper that way.  A swim therapist she recommended gave me a discount and a dear friend paid for her to get chiropractic adjustments.  All this kept her going.  She LOVED her walks up  until the last few days.  Roxy had had two seizures, two months apart, so we weren’t too worried, just waiting & watching.  Then she had one two days in a row and apparently suffered some type of brain damage.  I had to make that dreaded decision to let her go.

What were some of her nicknames?

Roxy’s name was first just Roxy.  But then I started adding Girl to it and it just stuck.  So she was my Roxy Girl.

What were some of her quirks?

Roxy had a couple of things that she did that really stood out.  She would wake me up almost every single day at 7:30am.  I would say, “Roxy, can I have just a few more minutes?” and she would turn around and go out in the living room.  She would lie on one of her beds for 15-20 min. and then come back and get me up.  It was if she knew what I was saying.  The second thing was so funny.  I walked her a lot around my apt. complex.  There was a pet receptacle not too far from our building that I would deposit her potty.  It was located about 10 -12 ft. from the curb on the grass.  Roxy would walk right up to the curb but she wouldn’t step foot on the grass or get close to the receptacle.  It was like she was saying, “Are you kidding, you want to get close to that disgusting thing!”.

How did she improve your life?

I really  hadn’t planned on adopting when Roxy came into my life because of the financial responsibilities, but I knew it was meant to be.  Roxy was such a sweetheart, all she wanted was to love and be loved.  She never bothered anything, never had accidents inside & enjoyed riding in the car.  I live alone, so she was my constant companion, especially after I retired the first of this year.  Since she loved to walk so much, I got exercise I probably would never have gotten.  I lost a lot of weight as a result, which I desperately needed to do.  Just her presence, even when sleeping was such a comfort to me.  I miss her terribly.

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