Doug’s Quirkiest Dog- Blake

Doug’s Quirkiest Dog- Blake

Yesterday I asked our fans on Facebook to submit their dogs quirkiest quirks….all I have to say is that it was a very tough decision trying to pick the winner. Please note that all of your dogs are special and definitely quirky, but I based my choices on these categories.

1. What made me actually laugh out loud aka “lol”

2. What made me read twice to make sure I read correctly

3. Something I’d absolutely never, ever or could think of a dog doing

And so, our quirky dog winner is Blake

*Our 2nd runner up was Timmy- who will ONLY drink water from the shower floor (that just kills me)

*Our 3rd runner up was Delilah the basset who allows herself to be humped by the cat, Keebler

Blake’s Quirk

Blake gets so anxious when we come home or have people over that he has a routine that makes him more comfortable. He backs his butt into everyone like a truck. He is most comfortable with people touching his butt so he does this for butt scratches and to greet people. He’s a weirdo. Its so predictable that I “beep” when he’s backing up.

Blake’s Story


Meet Blake! Blake is 4 years old. He was found on I-95 by a police officer and brought to Philly’s Animal Control. He was our foster dog and at the time we brought him home he was the longest term resident at ACCT Philly. He bad been returned 3 times. He was adopted and was with his new family for a year. The couple split up and unfortunately needed to rehome him. My husband and I asked to take him back in to our home as a foster dog and do the rehoming. We decided after a very short time that we didn’t want him to bounce around again, so we adopted him. He is such a good boy and he is also a very silly boy.


Blake is about the weirdest dog ever. He is the most anxious dog and does so many goofy things because of his anxiety. The thing that won him this spot was the routine he does to make him feel more comfortable when we have company over. This picture is a great example of his anxiety.


He is an excellent foster brother to all of the dogs we bring home as fosters and he is very affectionate. He is currently showing our 2 foster puppies Charlie & Frank the ropes. You can see him being an excellent foster brother here: