Down & Dirty Interview: Barbara Walters & Austin Seabury

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Barbara Walters recently sat down with Austin and asked him a few questions about life on the road, his thoughts on the bass, working out, and Lord of the Rings.

Barbara: When did you start playing bass?
Austin: 6th Grade, 11 years of age

Barbara: Who were your earliest influences?
Austin: Flea, Victor Wooten, Mike Dirnt, Stanley Clarke

Barbara: What attracts you to the beast that is the bass?
Austin: I love the pocket. The low end of it all.

Barbara:If you could play one other instrument, what would it be and why?
Austin: Saxophone, I love the way it growls.

Barbara: What’s your favorite song off “Lessons Well Learned”?
Austin: “Do You Remember?” is my favorite tune.

Barbara: What would you say is your proudest moment on “Lessons Well Learned”?
Austin: Bass fills on “Take Me Home”…shits cash

Barbara: If DRAW could open up for any band, who would it be?
Austin: Van Halen

Barbara:Favorite thing to do when on the road?
Austin: Scissor kicks

Barbara: Favorite character from Lord of the Rings?
Austin: Theoden, his beard looks like grass

Barbara: Favorite exercise in the gym, and why?
Austin: Deadlifts. You grab heavy weight, then you stand up with it. So simple but so hard.