Featured Fan: Paolo Urciullo


Who are we without our fans? Not much! Our performances are fueled by your energy. Our creativity, song writing, and passion for art comes from the deep connection with have you, and more. That being said, I’m honored to introduce our first featured fan on dougratner.com….Paolo Urciullo.

Doug: Please introduce yourself

Fan: Paolo Urciullo

Doug: Where/who was your first concert?

Paolo: LIVE in Hartford

Doug: What are you most passionate about in this world?

Paolo: Music and theatre

Doug: Where did you first hear DRAW?

Paolo: At the Downtown Cafe in Bristol, CT.

Doug: What’s your favorite song off Run With Me?

Paolo: Dogs!

Doug: If you could hear one acoustic version of any song off the album, which would it be?

Paolo: Let Her Rip!

Doug: Your wish is my command