Food vs. Food Items

Food vs. Food Items

I have an interesting take on food.

Oreos. Cereal. Bagels. Candy. This is not food. These are food items that manufacturers, chemists, corporations, etc. conjure up to satiate our ever expanding appetites.

Meat. Fruit. Vegetables. Fish. Nuts. This is real food. Things that mother nature has made available to us that are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients that help us thrive in this world.

Don’t get me wrong, I binge from time to time and love me some ice cream. However, a diet full of food items is not a good thing.

There are exceptions to the rule, and you could argue that oil is processed because man needs to obtain it through a step by step procedure. Or whey protein is not real because it needs to be derived from milk. I agree. There are always exceptions.

How many food items do you eat every day? Are you full of energy? Are you seeing the changes in your body that you work so hard for in the gym? Maybe it’s time to cut out the fake stuff in your diet.

Jonny Bowden, one of my favorite nutritionists says it like this, “human beings have a factory specified fuel source, just like lions have a specified food source that makes them the king of the jungle. Zebras, antelope, etc. You could feed a lion lucky charms and frosted flakes, it probably would survive, but it wouldn’t thrive.”

Human beings evolved to what mother nature made available to us. And to think for a minute that food items are an integral part of our diet, just take a look at the United States obesity statistics, the rate of diabetes, insulin resistance, the list goes on. What we’re eating as a nation is certainly not working for us.

Go to the grocery story, buy some avocados and almonds, and when you’re feeling the urge to eat some oreos, try eating an entire avocado instead. Your body will thank you for it.

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  • FoodSharq

    I’m going to just eat avocados every day and see how fat I get.

  • You turned me on to Coconut Oil (to replace butter) and Fat Gripz (for workouts)… We’ll see what’s next!!!

  • FoodSharq

    I just ate my words! (No pun intended). I’m a big fan of the site “3 Fat Chicks” and they actually said I could eat 1-2 a day with no weight gain. Interesting tid bit.

    • Doug Ratner

      that’s what I’m talking about! Plus they’re delicious so you’ve got nothing to lose