The face behind “Bomb in the Backseat”

In only a few short weeks, “Bomb in the Backseat” has been popularity both through it’s controversial message and it’s rockin’ demeanor. One of the coolest things about it, is that people are really “getting” the message. However, as I explain to our fans, there is only one way to truly understand the message of “Bomb in the Backseat”, and that’s by listening to “Ghost in the Mirror”.

For those of you who are familiar with DRAW, you’ll know that The Who is one of our bigger influences. Jimmy has a lot of crazy Keith Moon like fills on “Bomb” and I play an SG like Townsend. But beyond the musical and stylistic influences, the writing of Peter Townsend is a huge influence on me. And just like “Tommy” is a rock-opera explaining and portraying the iconic character, “Ghost” attempts the same with “Bomb”.

“Ghost” is a song about a young kid who wakes up everyday; alone, depressed, he’s bullied at school, doesn’t have a good home life, etc. Every time he looks in the mirror he doesn’t see what he wants. He’s losing hope within himself and won’t accept his own face for who he is. The words of the chorus are;

Don’t look at me no more. You’ve never done me good before.
You’re just a ghost in the mirror. You’re just a ghost in the mirror.

The song is so important to us because it gives insight as to how the “Bomb” character turned into this villain. The message is clear, kids need help. If you turn a blind eye and choose to ignore the problems that the youth are facing, it is very possible that bad things can happen in the future.

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