Grey Muzzle Video

Grey Muzzle Video


We recently teamed up with the Grey Muzzle Organization to do a special video for their “Adopt A Senior Dog Month”

These guys provide grants and funding to shelters/rescues throughout the country, all benefiting the adoption of senior dogs. Truth be told, a senior dog is not necessarily what comes to mind when people decide to get a dog. But why not? They need the love just as much as any other, and are often less to handle than a puppy. Of course I’m a lover of all dogs, young and old, but Grey Muzzle is very special and with hundreds of thousands of supporters throughout the world, it was my honor to do this video for them.


  • Susan Zevola

    Thanks for lending your talents to promoting the adoption of senior dogs!

    • Doug Ratner

      Susan! It was my pleasure and I’m so honored to have been able to help