Helping People

I love helping people. It doesn’t matter if it’s through music, laughter, or offering any of my not-so-special wisdom about life.

Because we all yearn for connections, growth, and reassurance that we’re on this planet for a reason. And I feel that music in particular can provide us with that feeling, because music, unlike people, has no judgement when it offers you its advice or guidance.

Often times the greatest moments as an artist happen when you help people with their problems. Or you just simply make them happy. Or you allow them to escape from whatever monotony they have been experiencing and come in to a new world.

I’ll never forget hearing Pearl Jam’s Ten for the first time, and the impact it had on my life. I felt like a different person. It was if a lightening bolt struck my brain and presented me with the path that I needed to walk down. And what was the price of that guidance, $9 or $10 bucks at a record store in NYC, but the music has stayed with me for life.

And that’s exactly why we recorded Run With Me

I just want people to feel good, happy, and inspired. There are songs like “Let’s Roll” on there, simply meant to pump you up for a night. And songs like “American Dream” that are meant to be taken a little bit deeper.

I hope all of our fans know how much we appreciate you and how much you help us. So it’s our job to put music out there to keep you coming back for those good vibes. So enjoy!