We’d Like To Thank….



We had a whole team of people involved with the release of  Run With Me and it’s only appropriate that they get their praise (in no particular order)

Aaron Fay- after our gear was stolen in Holyoke, we were blessed that so many people offered us support getting through the incident. However, one person in particular stands out and that’s Aaron. He literally gave me a guitar, a black Epiphone SG. To be honest, Aaron’s act of giving was a huge inspiration for me in writing some of these songs and for setting an example of kindness. You should also check out his band Maxxtone, they’re great!

Justin Pizzoferrato- JDOG recorded and mixed the album and did one hell of a job. In case you’re not familiar with this heavy hitter, try looking up Dinosaur Jr. and Sonic Youth..yeah that’s what I thought. You should check out SoneLab his studio in EastHampton.

Ben Jon- if there’s one person who deserves an extra amount of credit for the evolution of our sound, it’s Ben. I’ve never worked so hard with lyrics before in my life and I believe my story telling abilities have improved dramatically thanks to him. He put so much time and effort into the pre-production of these songs and also the basic concept of the album. Check out his studio Stillwork in Holyoke…oh and Ben just had a kid.

Sully- have you seen our new website? Obviously you have because you’re reading this. Well give all the props to Sully (or Matt Sullivan) for the amazing work. He’s been working tirelessly for the past couple of months, helping us with marketing, promotion, and a lot of the new digital content that we’re working on. I probably talk to him more every day than I do to my parents. Check out his blog here.

Maya- a very new addition to our team, Maya has been doing the PR for the album release and is responsible for putting together our show at Arlene’s Grocery this friday. Yes, thank her for the free Budweiser and Stella! She’s been working really hard pushing our name out there to people and getting us exposure and we owe her a lot.

Alyssa-  for the past 10 months, you may have noticed an influx of amazing pictures, well thank Alyssa for that. She’s been one of our biggest champions for a while and this girl will not sleep (I’m not joking) just to get the job done. She’s also doing our video, so stay tuned! Check out her photography Facebook Page and a little known fact, I actually wrote If You Wanna after having a deep discussion on the current state of rock n’ roll with her.

Adrian- my man. Adrian did the artwork for the new album and will be designing the (spoiler alert) vinyl copy that we release. He’s an amazing friend and an incredible graphic designer. Check out his blog here.

Craig- kind of like my guardian angel. He’s also responsible for pushing me as a song writer. He challenged me to write a song a week for a while and eventually his pushing yielded almost everything on the album. He also came up with “country fried rock”

Fans- of course you’re our inspiration for almost everything we do. Continue to be awesome.



We’d Like to Thank