I’d Like You To Meet……

Yesterday I asked a lot of our fans who their favorite characters were from their most beloved artists, songs, albums, etc. We got some really awesome responses, which is why I want to share with you guys who you’ll be meeting in this new E.P.

#1- Laney- a pretty, young girl from a traditional southern home who is on the path of discovering what it is that she wants out of life, and more importantly, how’s she going to get it. What’s special about Laney is the relationship she has with her mother and how that influences the decisions she makes.

#2- Edd – an agoraphobic teen who spends way too much time on his computer. His lack of communication with the real world has led him to believe that people are out to get him. He’s willing to take the drastic steps to prove to everyone that they’re wrong.

#3- Stan- another troubled teen, not nearly as cynical as Edd, or as pretty as Laney, but he has very special dreams and a passion he wants to share with the world. He realizes that people are mean, hurtful, and tend to doubt what he wants to do. But he’s not going to give up, because his dreams mean more to him than anything else.

This is a very basic and bland analysis of these characters, because frankly, I don’t even know them that well! There’s so much more of their story that needs to be told through new songs. Rock on!

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