If You Wanna Know What It’s Like….

In yesterday’s blog I wrote about staying healthy, lean, and feeling good while on the road and on a budget. But, one of the things I didn’t mention was the importance of why we’re out there, doing what we do and what it’s really like. And after releasing our new video for If You Wanna  it only seems appropriate to talk about the road itself and what it’s like.

1. PROMOTING OUR MUSIC LIVE– as much as we love communicating with our fans via the internet, nothing replaces hopping in a van, traveling from city to city, and playing our music for new people that we’d never meet otherwise. We are a very strong live act and in order for us to get our message across we have to put on a killer live performance. It’s a must. All the greatest acts put in the grunt work and developed their followings via live shows. What speaks to a fan more than direct interaction? At least I think it’s really important!

2. MAKING NEW FANS– I have to share this story…we were playing in Raleigh, NC and I noticed that by the middle of the set there was a bad ass looking dude rocking out to our music with a really big smile on his face. I just assumed he was getting into the music, or a regular at the venue and happened to like our stuff. After we finished, this guy approached me and explained that he was listening to Pandora and Bomb in the Backseat came on. He dug it so much that he looked us up online and saw we were playing in Raleigh. It just so happened that it was his birthday, he hadn’t been out in months and this was an awesome excuse to stop working and get out. He then told me he arrived RIGHT when we started playing Bomb and it just made his night. Is there anything better than that?

3. GROWING AS A HUMAN BEING– there was a particular night when Rob and I got into a little argument. But the next day, I mildly brought it up and discussed the situation. We talked through the problem and I flat out told him that he challenges my flaws and makes me a better person. It was a nice bro moment! But seriously, when you’re stuck driving for so many hours with the same people over and over, you better learn to accept certain things and learn how to deal with them. it’s a good life lesson for anyone but being on the road is definitely a good place to learn those lessons quick!

4. GOING TO NEW PLACES– we all get wrapped up in our routines and branching outside of a comfort zone seems to be hard for some people. Well, I’ll tell you what, nothing shapes you up and gives you an appreciation for life and other peoples existence than traveling to new places. People are so fascinating. And it’s so interesting how certain cities harbor certain vibes and attitudes towards music, fashion, food, etc. The insight that I gain into America from town to town is just awesome and it makes for some great song ideas.

5. YOU UNHINGE YOUR SOUL- I’m not trying to get deep with everyone, but it’s true. Like I mentioned about being out of your comfort zone and growing, when you’re in a situation like tour sometimes a certain part of yourself unlocks and comes to life. You start experiencing things in certain ways that you never would have ordinarily and elements of your personality just emerge out of nowhere. Because there are so many ups and downs in this business, you learn to adapt or die, and through that mentality you allow yourself to take chances and risks that normally wouldn’t happen. I hope this makes sense, because as I’m writing it I wonder if you’ll understand me. Oh well.

6. IT’S FUN- it really is. It’s wild. Exciting. Nerve racking. Scary. And more all wrapped into one giant rock n roll experience. I think through the video you can see how much fun we’re having and the song should give you an insight as to what it means to be a musician for me.

If You Wanna Know……


  • Great video man! That’s really cool to have a fan find you on Pandora like that!!