Interview With The Man

Interview With The Man

I knew Ryan was a serious weight lifter when I saw him snatch grip deadlifting 225 lbs from a deficit with super slow and strict form. You just don’t see that in average gyms and I knew right away this guy was a Poliquin fan. As it turned out, Ryan and his best friend/cousin Tyler own a private, personal training studio called Enfuse Fitness in Enfield, CT….right down the road from me! Almost 3 years later, I can honestly say that I have learned so much from Ryan, not just abut weight lifting and staying lean, but about life and outlook. Ryan is perhaps one of the most intensely relaxed human beings I’ve ever met. It’s a very interesting combination to say the least! My goal is to have a consistent interview, maybe once or twice a month where our followers can send me questions to ask Ryan about health, fitness, nutrition, etc. Without further a do. Here we go.


Ryan squatting 275 with perfect form, and he went further down after I snapped this pic

How did you get your start in the fitness world?

My foray into the world of fitness and personal training was complete happenstance.  I always had a peripheral curiosity about strength training that followed an ebb and flow throughout my teenage years.  However, the actual immersion into the field of personal training followed a Vitamix demonstration of all things.  I decided to purchase the blender at the age of nineteen.  That purchase changed the trajectory of my life and my career.

Your philosophies are different than most personal trainers. You encompass a very holistic approach to being lean and mean. Describe that for us.

I realized very early on that our body is an ecosystem.  For us to individually and collectively flourish, our environment has to address our basic physiological and psychological needs.  These pillars are different for everyone as we all gravitate towards different stimulus.   For me, the following need to occur for my ecosystem to flourish: chiropractic, deep tissue massage, epsom salt baths, paleo dieting (with uncontested indulgences when a re-feed is necessary), creating good habits, reading, surrounding myself with like minded people, showing gratitude, patience, and consistency.

What are some common mistakes you see people making in the gym?

Common mistakes in the gym: following routines that do not align with the person’s goals or current level of fitness, showcasing a quantity in lieu of quality training ideal, lack of consistency, and patience.


Ry doing one legged hack squats (he eventually got up to 45 lbs on each side)

Favorite exercise for triceps? Biceps? Back? And chest? 

I am a strong proponent of multi joint exercises:  dips and chins covers all four body parts.  I am a huge fan of keeping the reps schemes low, 1-5 reps, playing with tempo, rest pause, clusters, and partials.  The exercises don’t have to be sexy to be incredibly effective.  Plus most of my clients have a limited budget when it comes to the time they can commit to the gym.  Cycled correctly, these two exercises with slight variations in grip, stroke, and tempo can have a massive impact in strength and size. If I have a client that can’t perform these exercises we design programs / strategies to help them build the strength, mobility and flexibility to perform them properly.

Looking back, what advice do you wish you could give to “young Ryan” in his quest for health and fitness? What’s the most underrated/overlooked aspect of being ripped?

This is a great question.  I found myself starring aimlessly at the screen the first time I read it.  Truthfully, I do not feel a ‘young’ Ryan would heed ‘older’ Ryan’s advice.  Experience is what shapes us all and without it we would never develop our true north.  If I could leave him with a few noteworthy points they would would be: have patience, pay attention to habits and make sure you are developing healthy and productive ones, don’t be afraid to experiment, quality over quantity, keep a journal, and read constantly.

Next interview we’ll dive into some more specific questions regarding nutrition, supplements, and maybe a few questions from you.



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