Is country the new rock?

Can you imagine growing up in the 60’s and the 70’s? A constant influx of new artists/bands? Icons both male and female topping the charts? Song writers writing about music that connected people on a  global scale? What has happened to that? I often talk about the void that exists in rock music, it seems that it has become stale and the basic principles and fundamentals that exist seem to be lying dormant. Everything sounds the same. Factory farmed and artificial without any substance or soul. Now I’m not saying that there are no current rock artists or bands that I respect, but the certain qualities that I mentioned before 100% exist in country music.

Ripping guitar players? Brad Paisley, Keith Urban, and even the sidemen cats who play on the stars records are unbelievable.

Meaningful and inspiring songs? Kenny Chesney, Eric Church, Miranda Lambert. They all write music that’s 100% meaningful, heart felt, and deep. Though all of it can be taken for it’s basic simple meaning, these artists are often diving into social commentaries and critiques.

Amazing Female Artists- The Dixie Chicks, Miranda Lambert,Taylor Swift. I often hear people complain that rock is lacking in strong female artistry like the days of Stevie Nicks, Joan Jett, or even Gwen Stefani. Well folks, look no further than country music because it’s never lacking in the bad ass chick department.

New and Exciting Talent– have you heard Hunter Hayes? He played all the instruments on his new album and to mention wrote/sings a large majority of the songs. I’m not knowing Justin Bieber, he’s accomplished a hell of a lot, but Hunter Hayes is worlds ahead of that kid. Every time I turn on the radio I hear new, refreshing music that excites me.

Incredible Musicianship– even if you don’t like country music, you can not deny the incredible players that make those records. I hear mind blowing bass lines, back up vocals, and bad ass drumming on almost every song I hear. Oh and mandolin and banjo aplenty!

Now I know that folks have a hard time listening to country because of the twang and the vocals, but at its roots they aren’t much different. In rock we yearn for songs that allow us to escape from our every day lives, inspire us with hope and meaning, providing answers to questions we’re looking for.

So I ask, is country the new rock? Tell me what you think over on our Facebook Page!