Is Paleo Worth It?

Is Paleo Worth It?

Everyone on the L.A. Lakers has gone Paleo. Kobe Bryant claims that by going Paleo he lost 7 lbs in a day. Good for you Kobe.

As far as I know, I’ve been eating a Paleo since I was 19. Charles Poliquin and Jonny Bowden have been advocating eating like that since they got into the business, and for Charles, that’s a long time.

So is it a fad diet? Is it worth all the money and does it really work?

I believe it does, however EVERYONE is highly individual and your diet should be catered to your individual needs. Here are my thoughts on it.

1. Paleo is not a fad- the only fad diet in this world is the one that Americans are eating. High carb, high sugar, high in trans fats and omega 6’s. Human beings have been eating a variation of a Paleo diet for thousands upon thousands of years. So to claim that eating wild game, lots of vegetables, nuts, and no bread and soy is a fad, is a ludicrous statement.

2. Removing grains is fantastic- do you know why Americans eat so many grains? Because the FDA and the government created a food pyramid which emphasized eating those foods. By doing so, we supported one of the largest industries in the world, the food industry. You see, you can’t patten or brand salmon or walnuts. But you can constantly recreate cereal or bread variations. Grains, whole or not, contain gluten and now contain GMO’s. Whole grains are not better for you and will not reduce your risk of heart disease. Folks, removing grains from your diet is one of the greatest things you can ever do for your health. Your skin, your joints, your stomach, your brain, everything will thank you for it.

3. Removing soy is fantastic- people know my stance on soy, it’s not good for you. The AHA actually retracted a statement in 2006 saying that they were WRONG about their advocacy of soy reducing breast cancer and heart disease. SOY is one of the most highly GMO’d crops in the world, highly sprayed crops with pesticides, and it increases unnatural estrogen in the body. It’s just not good for you.

4. Dairy is extremely healthy….for some- there are a lot of Paleo’ers who called themselves “Paleo Plus Dairy”. Because it’s true, certain dairy products are some of the healthiest foods in the world. I talk about the power of organic butter, and the same can be said for organic heavy cream, organic raw milk, yogurt, cheese, etc. Again, it all depends on the quality of the dairy. Fat free milk is not milk. Fat free cheese is not cheese. It’s fake! So why is REAL dairy healthy for some? Certain people can tolerate dairy very well, others can not. For some, removing all dairy from the diet can be a tremendous improvement in acne issues and some people (like myself) are just fine. So to remove it just because it’s not Paleo is silly. Take the time, do some research, see how you react to it, and then make your decision.

5. Legumes are extremely healthy….for some– it’s the same deal with dairy. Beans are really healthy, there is no doubt about it. However, for some people they can be very allergenic. They contain certain compounds called phytic acid which can be damaging for some people’s guts. Again, beans are best consumed if organic and from a BPA free can. I don’t eat beans a lot because they upset my stomach. But that doesn’t mean they are an unhealthy food and should be removed forever.

6. Pasture raised meat is worth it, most of the time- you can’t deny that high quality meat is just that….high quality. It’s loaded with omega 3’s and CLA which generic meat does not. Why? Because when an animal like a cow eats it’s natural diet (grass, not grains) it produces a healthier animal. But here’s the thing, if you’re out at a restaurant and they have no “Paleo” options but you can get a steak or a burger without a bun, are you just going to eat some veggies? Don’t be ridiculous. If you’re on a major budget and can’t afford expensive meat, you won’t die from eating regular meat. OH, and organic beef doesn’t mean grass fed and finished. That’s what matters, organic just means the feed that they give to the cows is organic, it’s a nice idea, but not what matters.

7. Taking supplements is not Paleo- whey protein, vitamin D, Zinc, glutamine, although all of these products are natural, there is a degree of processing and technically aren’t Paleo. Now the funny thing is, people who eat Paleo are big weight lifters and take lots of supplements. But if the goal is to live like a caveman, how is taking your Branched Chain Amino Acids post workout with your whey protein Paleo? It’s not folks. But it’s damn good for you.


  • Greg

    I agree. I currently eat Paleo about 80% of the time and love it. When I was on full paleo (stooped during football season because a life without good beer is not one I want to live) and dropped about 10-12 lbs of fat in less than 2 months with no other changes. It’s also better because the food options are way better and less limiting that actual fad diets like Atkins, and it’s therefore easier to keep on I think (again, aside from beer).

  • Billy Jeans

    I feel like you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. Do you have a degree in nutrition? Any sort of certification in, well, anything?

  • Have you ever tried the Keto diet? High fat, no carb? How you eat seems more Keto than Paleo!

    • Doug Ratner

      I advise anyone who has struggled with weight loss their entire lives to do Keto/Atkins diet. I used to eat like this but now I’m at a body fat level where I can eat healthy carbs and still stay lean. But a very low carb, high fat/protein diet is almost always the only answer for those who are very overweight and can’t keep it off.