Is selfishness a good thing?

Is selfishness a good thing?

I think so! But in moderation. Hear me out.

Some of the most selfless people I know can’t sleep. They spend all their time worrying about other people, answering their phones in the middle of the night because a friend drunk texted them and needs advice. They spend hours helping other people yet do not spend a moment focusing on them SELVES.

So where do you draw the line? I think it stops right in the middle. Some of the happiest and spiritually sound people I know focus on both. They recognize the importance of sleep, health, and well being, yet always manage to do things for other people. The old expression, “you get what you give” is absolutely true. The universe works as a flowing system of energy, and in order for that positive energy to come back to you, you have to put positive energy back into it. But you need to have energy in the first place, and you won’t have any if you don’t harness it for yourself from time to time.

Ask yourself this;

Is most of your stress self-induced?

Do you worry about other people’s problems?

Do you sacrifice your own time for other people?

If you’ve answered yes to any of this, don’t think of yourself as a bad person, quite the opposite. Most people should only be so fortunate to have someone like YOU in their lives. However, perhaps it’s time to take that energy and focus on YOU. Explain to certain friends that you can’t go out in the middle of the week because you need to sleep. Or you can’t drink with them in the middle of the afternoon because you have a life to live and it can wait until saturday.

Life is about balance. Yin and yang. Like I always say, “if it’s not working, why are you doing it?”



  • Mr. Food, Water, & Ratner

    Hi Doug! A friend just introduced me to your site… I LOVE this article, finally someone had the courage to say what others were either afraid to say (or were at least thinking:) Society focuses waaaay too much on concerns of others, or putting others needs and concerns before your own… WELL – I say this (thanks to some borrowed bravery from you 😉 How can you remove the splinter from your neighbor’s eye before you’ve tended to the splinter in yours!!!

    Thanks again for your way cool “words of wisdom”!! It’s like going to church! “The gospel according to Doug Ratner” YEAH!! Now THAT’S a sermon I would attend.

    Much respect brother! Going to check out your band’s Youtube vids now!!

    • Doug Ratner

      Your comment really made my day, thank you so much for the kind words. And I’m so honored that you found value in my article, that’s great! I’m just wondering, who introduced you to us? Thanks again for the support and keep on rockin’ in the free world.

      • Mr. Food, Water, & Ratner

        Awesome! Actually, it was a friend of a friend type thing… I believe it started with your friend Drew? Anyways, cool!!!! Never stop rockin’! 🙂

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