“Lessons Well Learned” Reviewed in Legendary “The Noise: Rock Around Boston”

Lessons Well Learned

Doug Ratner is far from your typical singer songwriter. His music has teeth and those teeth bite hard. His band the Watchmen are the perfect complement to Ratner’s energetic rock. His sound is an Americana Elvis Costello, circa 1979, albeit with slightly longer and more fleshed-out arrangements. “In the Backseat” is straight-up English punk pop, with a political subtext. I could do without such an obvious Pink Floyd cover such as “Money,” but it seems to spit out more bile than the polished 1973 version and seems to have more of the sarcastic bite of Waters’ original demo. Midway through this EP, Ratner does get a little introspective, in a Martin Sexton sort of way. And the last two songs sound like vintage Rockpile, with Ratner borrowing equally from both Edmunds and Lowe. Everything I’ve heard from this band continues to impress. Keep it coming!

(C) (Joel Simches)

The Noise

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