My every day life goals

My every day life goals

1. Laugh a lot- there is no better medicine for laughter and these days its so simple to pull up a YOUTUBE video and crack up.

2. Smile a lot- smiling is proven to help you get on the path to happiness. Even a forceful smile in times of negativity can help cheer you up a little bit.

3. Make one new connection- I love meeting people. I love sharing my music with new fans. There’s no greater feeling! So I try and go out of my way to do this all the time because you never know what doors can lead to where

4. Check in with friends- it requires so little effort to grab your phone to text or call and see how they’re doing. I’m even thinking about a friend who I haven’t talked to in a while and once I’m done wrapping this up I’m going to check in with him.

5. Learn something new- this is one of my favorites. I feel life is much richer when I go out of my way to learn something new. My outlook often improves and I get excited. I follow this blog from Charles Poliquin, because every day he posts something or even leaves a response to a comment that opens my mind to so much.

6. Forgive others and let go of negativity– often the hardest yet the most rewarding. It’s taken me a few years to reach a point where I can just let things go and move on. For some it’s natural, and for some it can become easier (like myself) you just have to think about how you view things in life. Do you often say no? Do you often hold on to things and let them bother you? Try taking a deep breath, look back and think about if it’s really worth being upset over.