My Fat Burning Routine (arms)

My Fat Burning Routine (arms)

Continuation from yesterday’s blog on how I gained 8 lbs of muscle

Technically this isn’t just a fat burning routine. It will accomplish almost anything you’d need it to; muscle growth, conditioning, cardiovascular health, and fat burning. I designed it in such a way that it’s a mix of low, medium, and high reps, all in conjunction with lower rest intervals  in order to produce more lactic acid and growth hormone. I put an * next to anything that you might know, and in that case feel free to google it.

Also, when you see something like this 3201 or 4001 that means to do the lowering portion of the lift in 3 seconds, 2 seconds pause in the bottom, up quickly on the positive, and a 1 second hold at the top. This may seem tedious to you but it is in fact ESSENTIAL to getting all you can out of this workout. Every tempo is specifically prescribed in order to maximize muscle recruitment, if you don’t do the tempo, you’re 100% missing out.

And a 5×8 means 5 sets of 8 reps, 3×12 is 3 sets of 12 reps, etc.


A1. Dips 5×8 4100 (60 seconds rest) *move to A2

A2. *Preacher bench Zottman Curls (place your hands on the outer portion of the dumbbell) 5×8 4100 60 seconds rest *move to A1

Rest 90 seconds between super sets and move on to the B’s

B1. Seated Reverse Grip Dumbbell Skull Crushers- 4×8 5000 rest 45 seconds

B2. Seated Dumbbell Curls (place your hands on the inner portion of the dumbbell)- 4×8 3101

Rest 90 seconds

C1. Lying Barbell Reverse Grip Skull Crushers- 3×12 3010 rest 30 seconds

C2. Standing Barbell Reverse curls- 3z15 4100

You’ll notice I have a lot of weird grips, strange placements of hands on the dumbbells, etc. the reason for this is slight angle change ups results in different muscle activation. It’s quite simple. I really advise you try these grips out, you won’t waste your time if you just do regular skull crushers rather than reverse grip, but the burn is immense because you’ll be targeting muscles I bet you’ve never used before.

Any questions you have, feel free to ask below!

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