My Favorite Bicep Exercises

My Favorite Bicep Exercises

1. Weighted Chin- Ups- nothing overloads the arms like a chin up, and adding weight is all the more extreme. If you want to pack serious size and have bulging veins, do weighted chin ups. TIP- go down in 4 or 5 seconds, the slower you go in the descent, the more you’ll activate all heads of the bicep. Go almost all the way down to the point of lock out, but stop right before your lats completely stretch out, this will keep constant tension on the arm.

2. Incline Dumbbell Curls– and the further back you place the incline, the more tension and pump you get. This exercise can really shape your arms and give it a sculpted look. Depending on which end of the dumbbell you hold on to, it will target a different part of the arm. For example, if you have your pinky at the inner part of the dumbbell, it targets the small head, or the inner part of the arm. If you hold the dumbbell with your index finger on the outer portion of the dumbbell, it targets the long head. I’m trying to add definition and mass to my short head, so I’m doing incline curls with my pinky closer to the dumbbell. It’s hard as hell. TIP– when you finish the negative portion of this movement, as in the weight comes back down, flex your triceps. I learned this one from Charles Poliquin, this will recruit more muscles fibers and add greater tension.

3. E-z bar preacher curls- this is a favorite amongst gym rats, as it should be. It’s an awesome exercise. You can go heavy, go for the pump, do drop sets, whatever. The different hand placements allow for different parts of the bicep to get hit. I love it because you can’t cheat and you have complete control over the movement. TIP– as you come up with the weight, stop right where the tension is greatest, squeeze and come back down.

4. Zottman Curls- this is movement targets the bracialis and forearms. If these muscles are undeveloped, the rest of the arm will look small and weak. Not to  mention from a strength element, if you want your curling lbs to go up, work your bracialis. I always notice increased vascularity right over my elbow joint from this movement. It is a BITCH to perform because your so weak in the negative. Check out this video for instructions, ZOTTMAN CURLS

5. E-z bar reverse curls- same movement as #3 but reverse. Again, if you want to develop all the muscles in your arm, you have to get all the little fibers and activate everything. Just a simple switch of the hands will make an enormous difference. And the advantage of focusing on e-z bar curls for a while is that once you switch back to a normal curl, you’ll be so much stronger.

*A lot of people see me using these FAT GRIPZ. You add them on to dumbbells and they increase activation in your forearm, bicep, triceps, and shoulders. The thicker the handle, the more muscle activated. And you get much, much stronger from using them because it’s much more difficult to hold on to.


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    Dude these workout tips are really awesome. They make my jack-off sessions in front of the mirror so much more fulfilling! Rock on!