My Top 5 Recommended Supplements

My Top 5 Recommended Supplements

Do you need supplements? Define need….but in my opinion, yes. We live in a world where our produce lacks a significant amount of nutrients its supposed to have due to low quality nitrogen in the soil. We live in a polluted world that is constantly stressing our adrenal glands, thyroid, and reproductive systems. Even if you ate 100% organic, all grass fed, wild, you would still be deficient in some way shape or form of a major nutrient or vitamin. Mankind has done a terrific job at destroying our planet and as a result, we have to “supplement” in order to counter act everything.

These 5 supplements are my favorite, and I feel the most important for a young, health minded individual. Even if you took one of these, you’d be improving your health. Some of you may not be stressed and may not have trouble sleeping, so in that case magnesium might not be best for you (though it can NEVER hurt). Some of you may already be ripped and lean, so zinc isn’t on the top of your list. Whatever it is, read and enjoy.

1. Betain HCL- I wrote about this in Why You Don’t Have a 6 Pack and I had tons of people asking me questions. I list it as #1 because without enough HCL, you’re wasting your money on food and supplements. A quick recap, without enough HCL in your stomach, you can’t break down your food, thus you won’t absorb it. And unless you’re taking a high quality probiotic and drinking apple cider vinegar on the reg, you’re HCL is low. Pollution, stress, alcohol, sugar, depletes our HCL. Read this article if you’re thinking about taking it and you’ll know what to look for and the steps on how to take it. Read about HCL

2. Fish Oil– if there’s one thing even the highly conservative and often ignorant medical community can agree with the forward thinking nutrition and sports community, is the value of fish oil/Omega 3’s. It’s importance goes way beyond the scope of this article, but to sum it up; reduce inflammation, reduce risk of heart disease, increased testosterone, decrease in blood pressure, and finally…it will help get rid of love handles. How? We store fat in our mid-auxiliary (or hips) from high levels of blood sugar storing it in this particular region. Ever notice how someone can have ripped arms and upper body but have love handles? That’s mismanagement of blood sugar. Fish oil is a power house. Here’s the only thing, you can not, I repeat CAN NOT buy your fish oil somewhere generic like Walmart, Target, Costco, CVS, or GNC. Why? Because all of these companies fish oils have been linked to toxic levels of mercury and PCB’s. Do not take it. Trader Joe’s makes an awesome and inexpensive brand.

3. Vitamin D– it cracks me up when people think taking 2,000 IU’s of Vitamin D is enough, or they aren’t deficient. Did you know that being outside, directly in the sun for 20 plus minutes, our bodies make up to 10,000 if not more IU’s of Vitamin D. So to think that taking a paltry amount is suitable or taking 5,000 IU’s is dangerous, think again. I’m sorry if you’re doctor says otherwise but he hasn’t stayed up to date on his science journals. Why is Vitamin D so important? From a “getting ripped” perspective, it offers very similar benefits to Fish Oil. Where it differs is the energy we get from Vitamin D. Almost every known disease has been linked to low vitamin D. It makes you stronger, your bones healthier, your recovery time quicker, and all around healthier. Think about how good you feel being out in the sun. That’s Vitamin D!

4. Magnesium- specifically magnesium glycerinate. I remember advising a personal training client of mine to take magnesium before bed and he described the feeling like taking valium. It really is that powerful and effective at calming the nerves. It’s my most important supplement because of what it does for handling stress, lowering cortisol, and sleeping. Remember how I said that stress and sleep can hold you back from a six pack? When I started taking magnesium I noticed a tremendous difference in my physique but also in my ability to handle stressful situations. If sleep and stress are a major factor for you, magnesium is your #1. And don’t think that buying crappy magnesium at CVS will cut it. It won’t. Go to Whole Foods or a health store and get some Mag Glyceninate.

5. Chelated Zinc- the man’s mineral, the natural testosterone booster, the immune system booster, zinc is just the bomb dizzle. For college students, I would say it’s one of the most important supplements to take. With all the partying and whatever else you do, zinc will give you an extra edge. If you work out hard and want to get to the next level, zinc is your ticket.