Quick Workouts That Work

Quick Workouts That Work

Sometimes you don’t have 45-60 minutes to dedicate to the gym. Hell, sometimes you don’t even have time to make it to the gym at all. Try either of these short 15-20 min ball busting workouts that will burn fat, pump you up, and make you feel like you actually accomplished something.

*If getting to the gym is difficult, I strongly advise installing a pull up bar in your house, or buying an Iron Gym, the portable pull up bar that you can attach anywhere.

At the Gym

A1. Squat 5×10 rest 45 seconds

A2. Dip 5×6-8 rest 45 seconds

A3. Hanging Leg Raises 5×10-12 rest 45 seconds

A4. Chin Up- 5×5-8 Rest 45 seconds

Repeat this circuit 4 more times.

At Home

A1. Chin Up- 5×6-8 no rest

A2. Diamond Push Ups- 5×12-15 no rest

A3. Jump Squats- 5×12-15 no rest

A4. Hanging Leg Raises (from pull up bar) 5×10-15

Rest 90 seconds. Repeat Circuit.

Neither of these workouts will build you up a body that will impress Arnold or Ronnie Coleman, but they’re quick and will kick your butt.