Rapid Fat Loss Part 1

Rapid Fat Loss Part 1

Have you been overweight your entire life? Do you struggle to keep weight off? This article is for you. I was never skinny and I’m not blessed with a super fast metabolism, so I can relate to the pain.

Over my years of trying many diets, meeting many people with all sorts of metabolisms, workout ethics, etc. I can tell you one thing and one thing for sure, everyone is unique in their own way when it comes to dietary needs. However there is a common thread amongst people; low carb diets will always result in fat loss, but “low” is different for everyone. For some, low carb means 50, or it means 100, or it means 15 g.

For people who are very over weight, a zero carb diet (in exception of vegetables/some carbs in nuts) is how you need to start. You don’t have to eat like this for the rest of your life, don’t think that. I don’t eat like this anymore, but that’s only because I’ve learned what to do and what changes to make as my body and physique adapted.

Now everyone has their own opinion and will try to give you advice. My only request is that if you do this, you must do it for 14 days and don’t stray away. Weigh yourself Day 1 in the morning, take a picture front and back, and after the 14 days weigh yourself again and take another picture. Everyone who I give this diet to loses on average 5-7lbs in two weeks, and way more in a month. I’m not exaggerating. Let’s begin.

Accepted Food Choices (emphasize fattier cuts of meat)

All fatty cuts of beef (rib eyes, hamburgers, ribs, sausage, etc.)

All fatty cuts of pork (bacon, etc)

Egg yolks

Dark meat chicken and chicken breasts

Ground turkey, ground lamb.

Full fat cheese, organic butter, coconut oil.

All sea food, emphasize wild salmon and fattier types of fish (more Omega 3’s)

ALL VEGETABLES- broccoli, onions, kale, tomatos, etc.


Do not eat

All grain products (bread, rice, pasta, etc)


Soy products

No potatoes

No milk, yogurt, kefir, etc.

No fruit (for now, no fruit!)

No ketchup, steak sauce, etc (mustard is fine, so is hot sauce)

Extra Fat loss dieting tips

Try and sleep 7-9 hours a night. Friday and saturday nights are partying nights, I understand, but if you really want to make drastic and healthy changes, try and have a consistent sleep schedule for two weeks straight.

Drink organic coffee with added coconut oil, butter, organic heavy cream, or black in the morning. And add some cinnamon.

Drink green tea in the afternoon.

Buy a Psyllium Fiber supplement and first in the morning add 10 grams of fiber to water, mix it up and drink it down.


The beautiful thing about this way of eating is you can eat as much as you want in fat and protein. Nobody ever complains to me that they’re hungry when eating like this.

My friend and I were grocery shopping in New York City and he was just starting this diet and he asked, “what should I eat?”

I told him to buy a Rotisserie chicken and eat the whole thing. He did just that. He lost 7 lb’s in two weeks.

Spending Tips

Believe it or not this isn’t as expensive as you think.

The emphasis is on fattier cuts of meat, which don’t cost as much as leaner cuts.

And if you’re really strapped for cash, don’t buy any vegetables and save your money for the proteins and fats. Those are the most important elements of this diet. The veggies are just an added super power to help speed things up, but they are not essential right now.

Keep me updated and good luck.



  • Dan Smith

    This is very reminiscent of the Dr. Atkins diet popular in the 70’s. It was criticized for building up giant butric acids in the liver and aldehydes too. Which means that the breakdown of all the meats is stored in a toxic way in the liver and should be monitored. It is a sensible diet for short term if followed with an exercise regieme and also plenty of sleep to ingest the huge protein and burn fat. I would check with a sports physician for long term use, makes most sense, if you have an underlying heart condition or are over 50, should have some medical input before starting. Best wishes, Dan

  • josephnew87

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