Recording Starts May 15th!

We’re heading into SoneLab studios May 15th to work with esteemed Dinosaur Jr. engineer Justin Pizzoferrato and Western Ma’s own Ben Jon for this new album.

This album will hopefully produce the “Sonic Image” that I’ve been going for. It’s always tough as an artist to explain to people “what we sound like” because the reality is; we sound like us When I tell people that my favorite bands are The Allman Brothers and Guns N’ Roses…they look at me like I’m crazy, as if those two entities couldn’t possibly join forces and have similar sounds. Why not? That’s rock n’ roll. And more importantly, that’s who I am and I’m searching for a sound that can combine elements of everything that I love. This album will be our attempt at producing a clear-cut sound that defines us as a band and in this over-saturated world of over-produced music, the raw and organic sounds will truly shine.

Stay tuned for updates!