Simple Ways to Grow

Simple Ways to Grow

I believe that life is about the journey. Stepping outside of your comfort zone, taking a chance, and allowing the universe to flow right into you. A little deep for a saturday morning? Not really.

Who are we as human beings if we do not try and grow, learn, improve, etc. Sometimes the simplest changes of mind set, thought patterns, and word choices can lead to so much.

1. Read something new every day….you’re reading this, so that’s a start! Authors like Charles Poliquin, Tim Ferriss, and Gary Taubes are some of my favorites. Every day I can’t wait to read what they have to say, it’s exciting, inspiring, and I feel smarter and more enlightened.

2. Listen to all ideas…even if they sound bad….notice I didn’t say accept or embrace all ideas. Ever notice that we’re so quick to disregard something we don’t agree with? Have you ever stopped to think about what could actually be hidden in an idea that you shut down right away. I’ve been doing this more and more and I’ll tell you first hand, it’s unbelievable what you get out of it. Like the old Bruce Lee principle, “adopt what is useful, reject what is useless.” There is gold in everything, you just have to look for it.

3. Talk to more people….I think it’s clear by now that I love meeting new people, but I can’t drive this point home enough. The things we learn by listening to other people talk is worth every single moment of your time. Strangers,  old friends, distant cousins, whatever. Life is so complicated and simple at the same time, and the greatest way to grasp it’s complexities is to try and understand things from other people’s perspectives.

4. Try something new….if you’re a writer and you’re in a rut, doing the opposite of your normal routine. When I was stuck writing the same type of songs, Ben, our producer, suggested I listen to different kinds of music. What happened? I wrote Dogs and introduced a new sound to our music.

5. Get more sleep….a while back I wrote some articles on sleep and why it’s so important. Both the human spirit and physical being need sleep. We recover and perform optimally when we are well rested. Trying to improve yourself time and time again without recovering is a dangerous rode to travel down my friends. Check out this blog on getting to bed if you need help.

And to wrap things up, I want to hear from you! So any thoughts you have, feel free to comment over at our Facebook page so we can all try and grow a little bit.