Somebody’s Watching Me….article in the Valley Advocate!

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“We happen to be living in a time where that down and dirty style of rock ‘n’ roll is just not prominent in mainstream music, especially in the Valley,” says Ratner, guitarist and vocalist. “It’s still insanely popular throughout the world, because Pearl Jam sells out stadiums left and right—it’s just that for young bucks like us, there aren’t many groups trying to do the traditional rock thing.”

Ratner, along with guitarist Mark Adamski, bassist Austin Seabury, and drummer Jimmy Farquhar, has made it his quest to carry on the proud traditions of Jimi Hendrix, Pete Townshend, Chuck Berry and the like. The young quartet has an affinity for deep riffs and enthusiastic live performances that have been known to include, well, humping of instruments.

“Sometimes it’s a shtick, and sometimes it’s not at all,” Ratner explains. “Humping is a very animalistic thing to do, very carnal, and if people think, ‘Damn, they’re kind of nuts,’ well, good, because I was feeling that way.”The band is adamant about the power of music. At a recent high school show for over 500 students, Ratner took a minute to tell the kids that being weird is cool, and you can find strength in rock.

“I’m weird. Austin’s weird and Jimmy definitely is,” says Ratner. “I said that rock ‘n’ roll is the voice of the youth and it can express anything you want it to, and the weirder the better. There was this one kid who looked at me in the eyes, threw his hands up and just screamed out in agreement. He felt it. That’s our mission statement. Rock ‘n’ roll gave me hope, and I want the ‘not cool’ kids to feel it, too.”