Staying Healthy On The Road…And On A Budget

With the release of our new album, we had to get on the road a.s.a.p. to promote it and do the rock n’ roll grind. Though this wasn’t my first rodeo on the road, I definitely had way less extra cash and had to really tighten the belt when it came to high quality food, supplements for the road, and COFFEE of course. So here’s a list of the things I did in order to stay healthy and lean every day.


I don’t understand why people don’t drink enough water. It is hands down the easiest and cheapest way to stay lean, vibrant, and keep your body functioning properly.

TIP– I brought a little bag of celtic sea salt to add to the water that I drank, because lets be real, when you’re refilling water bottles with hotel water and god knows where, it’s not going to be high quality most of the time. So add a little celtic sea salt to get the minerals that the water definitely doesn’t have.

TIP– at restaurants, squeeze lemon or lime in the water to help alkalize your body, add some extra vitamin c, etc. BUT, do not put the lemon in your water after you squeeze it, those little citrus fruits are amongst the dirtiest things in a restaurant because everyone puts their hands all over them.

2. Lots of protein

For me it was eggs, eggs, eggs. But for Rob , he got lots of steak and veggies. People complain that it’s expensive to eat high quality, and in some cases its true, but when you’re eating at some random Waffle House in Tennessee, what do you think is better; a steak with some mushrooms or a shit load of pancakes and hash browns?

TIP– Waffle House and Shoney’s we’re our go to spots for lots of cheap, descent quality and filling food. I got 6 scrambled eggs with cheese, mushrooms, onions, and peppers for under 6 bucks. C’mon, that’s amazing.

TIP– ask the waitress if they use margarine, and if they say yes, ask for it dry. If butter is available, have them cook your food in that but make sure it’s REAL butter not MARGARINE. Sometimes they don’t know the difference but I’m telling you it’s worth digging into. Margarine is without a doubt one of the worst substances on the planet for you, so check on that.

3. Veggies and fruit

Emphasis on the veggies! Though I’m not a fan of eating tons of fruit every day because all that fructose can eventually impair your insulin sensitivity and make you fat, it’s a great option when in a pinch.

TIP– when at gas stations or hotels, go for bananas or oranges, NOT apples. People put their hands all over the apples and even washing them off won’t make a difference. But if you want to eat them, I’m not stopping you.

TIP– buffets are the bomb when you need to stock up on these bad boys. Although buffets are notorious for having lots of bacteria, it is a BETTER option than most. I’ll never forget how excited Rob and I got when we walked into a Shoney’s for the first time and saw all the food PLUS it was so cheap.


Another extremely underrated element of being healthy. And for some reason people think being a rock star means no sleep and you “only live once”. Well my friends, I’ll tell you this personally, when you have to drive 4+ hours and then put on a killer show for people, doing so on no sleep gets very difficult.

TIP– bring an eye mask/head band/bandana to cover your eyes. It’s very difficult to get deep and restful sleep when you’re exposed to any light, because your body will stop its melatonin production. And of course, sometimes sleeping conditions are not optimal so you gotta do what you can do…thank you head bands!

TIP– take magnesium, I can’t live without magnesium and it’s the one supplement I had to bring. It helps calm the central nervous system and relaxes you after a stressful/exciting night.


Rob and I LOVE coffee. But did you know that coffee is one of the most highly sprayed crops in the world, and even our beloved Starbucks coffee has lots of pesticides on it? So how in gods green earth can drink organic coffee and not break the bank…..MCDONALDS! You bet ya, McDonald’s has Newman’s Organic Coffee for $1 any size. It’s the best deal in the world. AND, it tastes really good.

TIP– don’t put sugar in your coffee. The fact that people still add sugar blows my mind, but it’s absolutely awful for you. Add more cream instead to satiate yourself. Stop eating sugar!


This saved me a boat load of money, I just brought all the tea in my bag, and whenever we stopped somewhere I asked for a cup of hot water. So simple!


Vitamin D is probably one of the most important supplements you should ever take. But, since we’re talking about being on a budget, just step outside and bask it on those rays whenever you can! Try to get at least 20 minutes of direct sunlight exposure every day.

TIP– don’t wear sunglasses when you’re getting your 20 minutes of exposure. We absorb and begin synthesizing the vitamin d via our eyes, and by wearing sun glasses we halt this process. I know, I love a rockin’ pair of shades more than anyone, but for 20 minutes, take em off.


It’s easy when you’re traveling to get stressed out. You’re out of your comfort zone and your routine gets thrown out of whack. So I advise to always meditate throughout the day, especially before bed to allow your body to wind down.

TIP- meditating isn’t complicated, go somewhere with  little distractions and from 30, count down to 1 with big deep breaths. Simple and yet, so effective.


Fiber has many, many, many benefits. However, in this case we’re talking about keeping your digestive system running properly and keeping your gut healthy. I think it’s great that people are becoming more conscious of the importance of ones gut (a large majority of your immune system starts in your gut) and having good quality fiber keeps that puppy moving strong.

TIP– I like CVS Konsol/Pyslium brand, it may seem pricey, but for how long it lasts, it’s not at all.


What’s cheaper than this? Floss, scrape, and brush. If you don’t own a toothbrush I suggest you reevaluate your life, but for the rest of us who do, staying on top of your hygiene is SO important for the immune system.