Taking a Chance

Taking a chance….

For me, life is about growth. I’ve never been the type of person to settle with mediocrity in anything I do. It’s in my nature to constantly strive for more and more, and over the years I’ve learned that even if I fail or burn out, the lessons to be learned from these risks outweigh any supposed failures.

After releasing If You Wanna, I got a lot of people saying to me that “I wish I could live a life like that” or “I wish I could go on tour” and I think to myself…why can’t you? Honestly, what’s stopping you?

The common answers I hear are my job, my girlfriend, my family, my friends, it goes on and on. People will forever make excuses for things they CAN’T do rather than finding a solution for it. Who wants to live a life like that? I just can’t relate to people who live a monotonous life style and never try to achieve anything greater. As human beings, we all have it in us to break our chains of bondage and take a risk. Take one good look at your life and ask, “Am I happy?” or “Am I fulfilled?” I know lots of people who work crazy hours and make great money, but they hate their lives! They have no time to appreciate all of this “wealth” and as a result, they work harder as if that will somehow fill the empty void. To quote Tim Ferriss, “Would you rather be a millionaire but not enjoy everything that comes with it? OR Would you rather live like a millionaire, even if you didn’t have a million dollars?”

But in all reality, it’s not easy. I’m fortunate that my passion is also my job and I bust my butt every day to make my dreams come to fruition, and if I fail at something, I’ll always learn from my mistakes.

And that’s exactly what If You Wanna is about…my life, my ideals, and how you (the listener) can gain some insight into what I’m doing and be inspired to take a chance yourself. Rock n roll is truly a beautiful art form, it’s a music about feeling empowered to take risks in life that you wouldn’t normally take. So listen to the lyrics of the song and maybe you can find some hope and take a chance.

There are ALWAYS opportunities for adventure, you just have to open your eyes to see them.