Weekend recap in 10.

Here’s a quick recap

1. Played a wild show at a famous biker bar Friday night.
2. Went to an after party where we celebrated Jimmy’s bday (see video)
3. Slept in a freezing cold RV.
4. Woke up and headed to Manchester.
5. Hung out at Barnes n’ Noble (see video) *note to self, rock bands not allowed in public reading establishments
6. Went to Jillian’s Pool Hall to play pool while I (Doug) slept in the car.
7. Headed to Mad Bob’s Salloon.
8. Mark danced (see video)
9. Played an insane show and sold all of our cd’s
10. Austin and Zack took Tequilla shots post show (see video)

[nggallery id=22]

Tequilla shots post show

Jimmy’s Bday song

Austin in the bookstore

Mark dancing